We’ve got to admit, when young female celebrities admit that they are bisexual, we immediately raise an eyebrow. Sexuality is, of course, each individual’s prerogative, it makes no difference to anybody’s ability to do their job, live their life, treat other people respectfully and so on. As a concept invented roughly 2000 years ago, sexuality should be recognised for what it truly is - a dated idea that should hold no influence in modern society.

Jessie J bisexualJessie J is no longer bisexual, wants a husband

Over the past few years admitting to being bisexual has become the sort of ‘in-thing’ in the celebrity world. Female celebrities may feel it makes them sound more alluring, more mysterious to have an ambiguous sexual preference. Perhaps they believe that if the public assumes that they do the nasty with both men and women it gives them an extra edge, makes them sound more dangerous, more desirable. Of course, they may truly swing both wells, in which case, fantastic, carry on the swinging.  From Megan Fox to Johnny Depp’s fiancé Amber Heard, it seems there’s rarely a heterosexual star to be found. 

Female celebrities wear their bisexuality as a badge of honour, a controversial aura proclaiming how liberated and sexually free they are. That is until, like Jessie J and Amber Heard, it comes to settling down. Amber Heard may very well still feel sexually attracted to women, but it’s with Johnny Depp that she has chosen to spend her life and raise a child. Jessie J has also recently admitted, in regards to her apparently mutable sexuality, “For me, it was a phase…I’m just so bored of it, and that’s kind of it - I want to stop talking about it completely now and find myself a husband.”

It seems almost as though it suited Jessie’s edgy image a few years back to claim that she was bisexual, but by backtracking now and admitting it was just a ‘phase’ is she insulting her genuinely bisexual fans? Implying that sexuality is something so easily embraced and then dropped when it suits her detracts some of the weightiness from how life-altering it can be for some people to ‘come out’. People who were inspired by Jessie’s frankness, may feel cheated now that it turns out it may have just been for show, or to fulfill her own purpose.

Amber Heard bisexualAmber Heard claims she is bisexual, has just announced pregnancy with Johnny Depp

Of course, we're all entitled to love different people at different stages of our lives, but was it really necessary for Jessie J to proclaim she was bisexual if her sexuality is so easily switched? 

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