Jessie J has revealed her comeback single will feature Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal.

The 25-year-old singer recently confirmed she'd completed her follow-up album to 2011 debut 'Who You Are' and has now teased more details about the first track to be released off the record, 'Wild', which includes the vocals of the American and British rappers.

Sharing the news on her Twitter, Jessie wrote: ''MY FIRST WORLDWIDE SINGLE IS CALLED 'WILD' Feat @BigSean and @DizzeeRascal GO to to let the fun begin! #jessiejwild. (sic)''

When fans click on the link to her website, a behind-the-scenes video appears, showing her working hard in the studio on her second album.

Jessie - who is also a judge on UK singing show 'The Voice' - continued to hint at what can be expected from the single, with a cryptic tweet which appeared to be lyrics.

She added: ''Everything starts with a WISH but everything can be real'' ‪@jessiej‬ ‪#jessiejwild‬. (sic)''

The blonde beauty previously admitted she'd taken time on completing her upcoming album as she wanted it to be perfect, but said she'd happily give snippets from her work before fully releasing it.

She previously wrote in a series of tweets: ''Music is art. There is no time limit no rush no way of making it fit a time plan. It's freedom and it's passion and its moments.

''Mystery is so rare now, most music is leaked these days. I am enjoying the build-up to my second album.

''It's as exciting as the first time round, I want to remember every second of it.(sic)''