Jessie J has sacked her stylist and shaken off her ‘cartoon’ look of days gone by. The ‘Do It Like A Dude’ singer has revealed, in an interview with Elle magazine, that she intentionally dressed a little outlandishly as she launched her career so that people would take notice of her, but now she is embracing herself “as a woman… and being a bit more feminine.” Jessie broke onto the pop scene with the ‘Do It Like A Dude’ video, which had her looking pretty freaky, with spikes on her lips and heavy dark eye make-up.

Now that she’s caught everyone’s attention, both with her music and with her appearance as a judge on the TV singing contest The Voice, she can afford to tone things down a little. That’s exactly what she’s done for her Elle photo-shoot and in a video interview on the magazine’s website, she reveals “I definitely am more feminine and I’ve softened my look a lot. I’m just having fun with my style, and like, exploring stuff as I’ve got more confident as a young woman.” The singer is also preparing to design a new fashion range with Stella Mccartney.

Jessie’s only 24 so has plenty of time to experiment with her image and it sounds as though she’s preparing to do just that: “It’s not like I want every song I do to sound the same, so why would I dress the same every day, or have the same hair all the time, it gets boring you know? You always want to make sure that you’re exploring yourself and discovering different layers of your personality and your look. I think it’s fun.’”