Jessie J sounds like ''Marge Simpson'' after losing her voice.

The 'Price Tag' hitmaker - who has an irregular heartbeat and suffered a stroke aged 18 - likened herself to the croaky 'Simpsons' character after suffering from throat problems, but she refused to cancel an interview with Ireland's Today FM radio station.

In a post on her Instagram page, she wrote: ''My voice has decided to be friends with the air con today and dry out to Marge Simpson vibes!

''So I'm in bright trousers and will do all I can to be entertaining with hardly no voice! Let's do this! Today FM official I'm live now!! *whispering*. (sic)''

But the 25-year-old star - who recently quit her judging position on talent show 'The Voice' - reassured her fans she knows exactly how to get her vocals back in tip top condition.

She said: ''To any of my contestants listening - yes, I lose my voice too, guys. You have to rest your voice, it's so hard.

''I know every trick of the trade [to treat a bad throat] - I know exactly why my voice is like this, I know exactly what I need to do to get it back. I'm just human.''