Jessie J has been made to pay her former manager £1 million after axing him before she became famous.

The 'Price Tag' singer was discovered at the age of 15 by music mogul Raymond Stevenson - who owns management agency 141a - before she jumped ship to be represented by Crown and signed a record deal with Universal.

After two years, it has been ruled the 25-year-old star must have over 20 per cent of the earnings from her 'Who You Are' album, which has made a total of £5 million.

An insider told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ''This is an absolutely massive payout. Jessie is signed to the type of huge label who initially just get what they want.

''Ray is extremely well respected, but he runs a relatively small operation and Jessie's people though he would just role over.''

She was signed by Raymond a decade ago when she was at The Brit music school and he even payed £70,000 out of his own pocket to get her out of a deal when the label went bust.

After a trip to the US where Jessie met the likes of former 'X Factor' US judge LA Reid, she immediately switched allegiances upon her UK return.

A joint statement from Jessie and Raymond read: ''The parties have reached an amicable agreement.''