Jessie J feels sorry for young pop star Justin Bieber, insisting he needs the help of pals to ride out his current woes.

The Baby hitmaker's public image has gone into a tailspin since a disastrous trip to the U.K. last month (Mar13) and he is currently under investigation by cops in Los Angeles following a clash with a neighbour last week (ends31Mar13).

Price Tag hitmaker Jessie is concerned Bieber is cracking under the strain of being in the spotlight but she is adamant he should rely on his closest friends to pull him out of the doldrums.

She tells British newspaper The Sun, "I 150 per cent sympathise with him. Nobody can understand how it is to be followed by cameras... The way the world works now is to kick people when they're down, when in actual fact they need a hand to hold. The most important thing is that the people who are with you and represent you behind the scenes are really there for you."

Bieber hit headlines with a string of bizarre and controversial antics during his 10-day trip to the U.K., which culminated in him launching a foul-mouthed rant at a snapper outside his hotel and threatening to "beat the f**k out of" the photographer.