Jessie J wants to provide a song for the forthcoming 'Fifty Shades of Grey' film.

The pop star insists her music has matured since she started her career and she is confident she could provide a track that would be well suited to the movie version of E. L. James' erotic novel.

Talking to the Daily Star newspaper, she said: ''I could do a song for the 'Fifty Shades...' film. Who knows, why not?

''I'm 25 now and when I was 18 I wrote my first album. So however much I love 'Price Tag' I feel a bit childish singing it now. And that's OK to say. I have grown and evolved and this new album's more about who I'm going to be forever rather than who I am right now.''

Jessie uses her own life experiences to shape her music, especially her mistakes which she insists make ''great songs''.

She explained: ''I just live my life and I like to write songs about things I've lived. So I try to make my life as exciting as possible. Mistakes make great songs so it gives you an excuse to make them.

''I like to be as honest as possible and that's the most honest and sane way to be. My fans are just like me expect I like to sing.''