Jessie J sobbed uncontrollably after breaking her foot earlier this year (11) because the injury shattered the invincibility she felt as a chart-topping pop star.
The Price Tag hitmaker has enjoyed huge success this year, shooting to fame on both sides of the Atlantic and landing a coveted tour support slot with Katy Perry.
But her world collapsed in June (11) when she took a tumble in rehearsals and broke her left foot. Surgeons ordered the singer to wear an orthopaedic boot to protect the injury, and she performed several summer shows sitting on a throne onstage before being forced to pull out of the Perry tour.
The British star has now admitted she was devastated by the injury, because it made her realise that fame and fortune has not made her invincible.
She tells Q magazine, "Just after I broke my foot I was in my living room and I put on Beyonce's Save The Hero, like, 'If I'm not around, who saves the superhero?' (sic) And it made me realise like, s**t, I need someone now.
"You give so much as an artist, you give, you give, you give. I'll break my foot and I've got fans going, 'I've got a tummy ache, can I get a re-Tweet?' People think you go to a special hospital, get special casts and treatment. It's like, 'No, I'm the same as everyone else', and that was a moment I had a proper good cry."