British pop star Jessie J has written a heart-breaking ballad about a family member's health crisis.

The singer has been secretly dealing with devastating issues at home as one of her relatives struggles with a debilitating condition, and she has poured out her feelings in a new song, which may feature on her upcoming second album.

She tells Britain's Daily Record, "It's very emotional, it's very personal, it's about a family member of mine who isn't themselves any more. They're still alive but they're not themselves, in the sense that illness has taken them away a little bit, without giving too much away. And I needed to write a song about it."

However, the Price Tag star fears the track is too personal to ever sing live: "I hope my fans respect that. I gave my all in the vocals so that they have that - it sounds like a live performance. It's just piano and strings and me - that's it."