All four judges of the UK series The Voice, which has been an enormous export to the US, are set to return for another series. Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones, Danny O'Donahue (from The Script) and will all be returning for another season.

The Voice has fared much better in America where viewing figures have soared, but the first series in the UK did not do so well, with ratings trailing off after the blind auditions ended, according to the BBC, however it did average at 9.2 million viewers overall. The format from the original show may change to boost viewing figures, which O'Donahue would welcome, reportedly. Apparently Mark Linsey has said that there may be less live shows in the next series. There had been rumours that Sir Tom Jones wouldn't return, but after the confirmation that it will return Digital Spy have reported him saying: ""I'm really looking forward to seeing and working with Jessie, Will and Danny on the second series ofThe Voice. I've heard there will be some important changes that will make what is already a good, strong show even better."

Likewise Jessie J said in her book that was published this summer that she'd steer clear of it, if it were return, but had a change of heart after it had gone to print. She said "I'm so happy to be back as one of the original four for series two. It's going to be even bigger and better this time and I can't wait. Bring it on." The new series is set to air in spring of next year (2013).