The Voice didn’t exactly have the huge success in the UK that its format has been enjoying in the USA, where it’s emerged as a considerable rival to both American Idol and The X Factor in the reality singing stakes. We can’t even remember the name of last year’s winner, and with good reason, given that their winning single didn’t even make the UK top 40 singles charts. Meanwhile, the proposed finalists live tour – a staple for the likes of the X Factor after their series has finished – never materialised after a slow take-up in tickets meant they had to cancel all the dates. Embarrassing.

However, rather than retreating, the BBC has had a tweak of the format and announced that the show will be returning for a second series. The show’s highest ratings came during the ‘blind’ auditions, with judges picking singers for their teams based only on hearing them. To maintain interest in the live shows, the BBC have announced that judges (called coaches, remember) will be allowed to ‘steal’ a losing member of others’ teams if they think they still see something in them. Additionally, each coach is going to have 12 contestants in their team. Two more than last year. All four of last year's coaches,, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue will return.

So will it make a difference? We’re not too convinced, but executive Producer Moira Ross is. According to The Independent she said: “We can’t wait for The Voice UK to return to Saturday nights. With our four global superstars back on board, an unrivalled standard of vocal talent and the added excitement of the “Steals” and “Knockouts”, it’s set to be an extraordinary series.”