Jessie J Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

22nd May 2015

Fact: British pop star Jessie J battled through sleep deprivation on Friday (22May15) as she kicked off U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series with an early gig in New York's Central Park. The singer, who has just wrapped up her first headlining U.S. tour, flew into the Big Apple from Los Angeles and headed straight to work. She said, "We landed at 1.30am... and we went back to the hotel and all of us had breakfast. We started getting ready at three and we got here at six!" Jessie J's schedule isn't going to get any easier - she will be back on a plane on Friday evening to fly to Stockholm, Sweden, where she will embark on the European leg of her tour.

12th February 2015

Quote: "Ten years ago this year is the anniversary of the day that I auditioned for the girl band that got me my record deal. I Have Nothing was my audition song, and Whitney Houston, she's my musical inspiration." Jessie J salutes Whitney Houston on the third anniversary of the R&B star's death on Wednesday (11Feb15).

13th January 2015

Fact: British pop star Jessie J is heading to the panel of The Voice Australia. The singer was previously a judge on the British version of the Tv talent show.

2nd January 2015

Quote: "I want to write a musical. Something edgy!" Pop star Jessie J has her sights set on scoring a big hit on the stage.

24th November 2014

Fact: British pop star Jessie J serenaded her singer boyfriend Luke James and danced with Khloe Kardashian and Taylor Swift on Sunday (23Nov14) as she made her way through the audience to the stage to perform her Bang Bang collaboration with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

18th November 2014

Quote: "My mum and dad are, like, my best friends; they've been married for 36 years. They go on dates, they are the level of love and standard of love that I admire. I'm very lucky to have them... They want me to date someone who is amazing and he is." Singer Jessie J's parents approve of their daughter dating U.S. artist Luke James.

12th November 2014

Quote: "I've always been broody... I want to be the best mum. I'd cook all my own stuff at home... I need to learn, you have to be preparing for (the role of mother) all your life. Not every woman wants that, but that's my prerogative." British pop star Jessie J dreams of becoming a mother.

14th October 2014

Fact: Pop star Jessie J was a guest judge on U.S. reality Tv show Dancing With The Stars on Monday (13Oct14). The Price Tag hitmaker received boos from the audience for giving out harsh scores to contestants. She also performed three tracks from her new album Sweet Talker.

13th October 2014

Quote: "We used to sing together at lunchtime. It was not planned or anything - we used to just make stuff up and riff together. We're not in touch very much now, but I feel lucky to think that once upon a time, me and Adele did a duet, even though no one ever heard it!" English pop star Jessie J recalls her early musical adventures with fellow BRIT School student Adele.

12th October 2014

Quote: "My dad was a big De La Soul fan and I grew up listening to them, so it was like coming full circle with them." British pop star Jessie J is proud to have recorded the track Seal Me With a Kiss with her father's rap icons. The song appears on her new album, Sweet Talker.

24th February 2014

Quote: "I haven't had red meat or gluten/wheat for nearly 3 months! I feel amazing for it however.... The way I am craving a shake shack burger is dumb!... A doughnut, a normal pizza, ribs, cake!!!" British pop star Jessie J has changed her diet, but still craves naughty treats.

9th January 2014

Tweet: "Wowowowow! Nominated for best British female! #Brits2014 thank you thank you!" Jessie J is thrilled to be nominated for a Brit award.

30th September 2013

Quote: "I make a conscious effort to Instagram photos of me with no makeup on, and looking a bit rough, and eating normal food... Not 'look at my amazing dinner at this amazing restaurant but this is my jacket potato, deal with it'. I know they notice whether I've worn the same T-shirt in a picture before, and it shocks me that they care, so I wear it again, to show them you're supposed to wear the same T-shirt twice in a row." British singer Jessie J stays true to her roots online.

11th September 2013

Tweet: "Huge congratulations @professorgreen @millsmackintosh so happy for you!" Pop star Jessie J sends her best wishes to British rapper Professor Green after attending his wedding to actress Millie Mackintosh on Tuesday (10Sep13).

5th September 2013

Quote: "I feel like men's fashion is better than women's at the moment. I go into the men's section and I'm like, 'I'll have this.' I feel like it's really evolved. Everything's structured and has bold colours." British singer Jessie J has been shopping in the men's department.

21st August 2013

Tweet: "Worst flight I have ever had... It was just awful turbulence... That's all guys... I am fine." British pop star Jessie J assures fans she is ok after tweeting about a terrible plane journey.

21st August 2013

Fact: British pop star Jessie J has recorded a duet with Blurred Lines hitmaker Robin Thicke. The track, entitled Calling All Hearts, will feature on her next album Alive.

12th August 2013

Fact: British pop star Jessie J has headed into the studio with hip-hop hitmaker Pharrell Williams. The superproducer shared a photo of the pair working together on his page in the early hours of Sunday (11Aug13), simply captioning the picture, "that voice".

16th July 2013

Fact: Irish singer Danny O'Donoghue has quit his role as a judge on the U.K. version of The Voice in order to concentrate on his recording commitments with his band The Script. His departure comes just weeks after Jessie J announced she would also be stepping away from the show, leaving Black Eyed Peas star and Sir Tom Jones as the remaining panel members.

9th July 2013

Fact: Sir Elton John, the Arctic Monkeys, John Legend and Robin Thicke are among the artists who have been added to the line-up for the U.K.'s iTunes festival in London. Pop stars Justin Timberlake and Jessie J are among the acts who had already signed up for the shows, which run throughout September (13).

5th July 2013

Fact: Pop star Jessie J has left her role as a judge on the British version of Tv talent show The Voice after two seasons. In a post on she told fans she "absolutely loved" her time on the programme but is moving on to concentrate on her music career.

1st July 2013

Tweet: "Heartbeats! So happy to announce that I will be guest-editing the @GlamourMagUk website this Thursday! Stay tuned for more". British pop star Jessie J is turning journalist for a day for the online version of the U.K.'s Glamour magazine.

30th May 2013

Fact: Pop stars Justin Timberlake and Jessie J are among the headline acts who will take to the stage for the U.K.'s iTunes festival in London later this year (Sep13).

10th May 2013

Tweet: "So in the last 10 days. I shot my first video. Finished my 2nd album. Shot the album cover and have seen the first edit of the first single!" British pop star Jessie J has had a busy two weeks.

2nd May 2013

Tweet: "Shout out to all the people suffering with hay fever All The Time as spring/summer creeps up on us. I just sneezed 11 times! Drop me out! Ain't nobody got time for that!" Pop star Jessie J is suffering with allergies.

27th March 2013

Fact: Pop star Jessie J has bleached her newly-shorn hair. The Price Tag hitmaker had her head shaved earlier this month (Mar13) to raise money for Britain's Comic Relief, and showed off a new lighter colour in a post on her Instagram page on Tuesday night (26Mar13), just hours before she turns 25 on Wednesday (27Mar13).

12th March 2013

Tweet: "I deleted my last Instagram post because I got fed of people writing that it was drugs... Seriously it's sugar icing on (a) napkin with Lemon sorbet! Whats wrong with the world?! Stop trying to make a storm when the sun on (sic) shining. Jheeeeeze!" British pop star Jessie J brushes off fans' fears over a suspicious-looking photograph of her dessert, which the singer uploaded to her Instagram account on Monday night (11Mar13).

9th March 2013

Fact: British rapper Tinie Tempah failed in his mission to perform 70 press-ups over raw eggs for charity. The Written in the Stars hitmaker managed 66 in the challenge, which was set by his friend Jessie J and staged to raise money for Britain's Comic Relief charity.

20th February 2013

Quote: "This is the last ever red carpet I'm gonna do with hair... I've got loads of woolly hats." British singer Jessie J walks her last red carpet before she shaves her head for the U.K.'s Comic Relief charity next month (Mar13).

8th October 2012

Fact: British singer Jessie J is among the stars who have posed with a chocolate teddy bear for Lindt's Show You Care campaign, which raises money for the Children in Need charity. Actress Emilia Fox has also posed for a picture as part of the promotional drive.

2nd October 2012

Tweet: "I just saw Spiderman the musical. Well I saw the first half and left in the interval. I can't even to begin to express how awful it was." British pop star Jessie J was not impressed by Bono's Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical on Broadway.

24th August 2012

Tweet: "I will be a coach on the 2nd series of The Voice UK! I'm B B B Back! As I have always said. Unless you hear it from me - don't always believe what you read! Can't wait!" British pop star Jessie J confirms she will return as a judge on the U.K. version of The Voice for a second season.

19th August 2012

Tweet: "I don't have a new tattoo people. Its a strap on my ankle bone. I'm still having major physio on it that's all." British singer Jessie J, who is still undergoing treatment for her broken foot a year after an accident, dismisses claims she has had a new body inking.

24th July 2012

Quote: "When I was young my mum, bless her, used to make potato wedges with little bits of chicken and put them in a little box with an 'M' on it and tell us it was from MCDonald's. And then when I went to MCDonald's it wasn't as nice as what my mum made... I don't really eat junk food. It's the only thing I'm not a fan of." Pop star Jessie J was put off junk food for life during her childhood after her mother convinced her home cooking tasted just as good as treats from MCDonald's.

13th July 2012

Tweet: "Tweeting abuse to me... Won't make me want to follow you. Huh... Funny that." British pop star Jessie J takes no notice of her critics on

28th June 2012

Tweet: "I'm sure the entire cast of Bug's Life are in my oesophagus after tonight's show in Belgrade!" Pop star Jessie J played a tough gig in Serbia on Wednesday night (27Jun12).

27th June 2012

Tweet: "This cute guy just got on the plane. I was like casually giving him the side eye. Then saw he is wearing a mickey mouse belt and matching t shirt... And shoes! Maybe not!" British pop star Jessie J is turned off by questionable fashion.

22nd June 2012

Tweet: "My Official autobiography is Out in September and is called 'Nice to meet you'." Pop star Jessie J's memoir will hit shops later this year (12).

7th June 2012

Quote: "When you are in a changing room that is 15 minutes away from the toilet and you have six changes of clothes and press interviews, you have to master the weeing in the cup situation." British pop star Jessie J is often forced to relieve herself in strange places while backstage.

4th June 2012

Tweet: "A moment I will Never forget. Wow. queenjubilee The uk know how to party! Thousands of flags... overwhelmed". Pop star Jessie J is proud to be British after performing at Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee concert outside London's Buckingham Palace on Monday evening (04Jun12).

4th June 2012

Tweet: "Today is one of the biggest days of my career and life to be sharing the stage with so many legends and icons I have listened to growing up (it) is going to be amazing!" Singer Jessie J can't contain her excitement ahead of her performance at Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee Concert on Monday (04Jun12).

4th June 2012

Tweet: "Let the nerves begin." Pop star Jessie J has butterflies in her stomach ahead of her performance at Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee Concert on Monday (04Jun12).

29th May 2012

Quote: "When I got the letter asking me to perform, I felt really proud. It's a proper letter from the Queen's secretary. I'm keeping it in a memory book. It's written on this lovely thick notepaper. I keep feeling it." British pop star Jessie J was honoured to be invited to play at Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee Concert on 4 June (12).

10th May 2012

Quote: "We've got our thinking caps on for what we could do." Sir Tom Jones is eyeing a duet with Jessie J, his co-judge on the British version of The Voice, at Queen Elizabeth II's star-studded Diamond Jubilee concert next month (Jun12).

24th April 2012

Tweet: "I think I'm still in shock that I'm the first UK British Female to have 6 top ten singles from one album!! Woah!!" Pop star Jessie J is thrilled to make U.K. chart history.

18th April 2012

Tweet: "I won't be on twitter much when I'm in the studio. My phone stays in my bag. I don't like any distractions." Pop star Jessie J is keeping focused on her latest recording sessions.

10th April 2012

Quote: "I've only been to the gym once in my whole life. I didn't know what to do. I just did whatever the setting was already on the treadmill so I just ended walking on level one the whole time." Jessie J's slim figure isn't down to rigorous exercise at the gym.

13th March 2012

Quote: "My social life is on hold for the next 12 months. You have moments where you're like, 'I just want to sleep, leave me alone'. But I'm waking up and doing my dream every day. I'm just embracing and soaking up everything." Pop star Jessie J's schedule is leaving her with no time for socialising.

13th March 2012

Tweet: "Why do people still feel the need to tell me there was a rumour I was dead? I'm not dead. I just didn't tweet for 2 days because I have things to do other than Twitter." British pop star Jessie J clears up an untrue rumour.

7th March 2012

Tweet: "I must say I Do Not find Adele voice jokes funny. What happened to her voice was serious and no joke. Its horrible for any singer to have vocal problems. And we should all understand how hard it was for her not by making jokes but by supporting her amazing come back." Jessie J urges her fans on Twitter to stop telling jokes about her fellow British singer, who suffered serious throat problems last year (11).

7th March 2012

Tweet: "No shows are cancelled people! Tonight is going ahead as is tomorrow in Sydney. I will need my heartbeats (fans) to help me out singing as loud as they can but I'll be there cutting some serious shapes." Pop star Jessie J assures fans her Wednesday night (07Mar12) show in Melbourne, Australia will take place as planned after she cancelled gigs in Perth earlier this month (Mar12) to recover from "vocal exhaustion".

22nd February 2012

Fact: Jessie J missed out on a free manicure at a Vip beauty salon backstage at the Brit Awards on Tuesday (21Feb12) - because her pop rival Pixie Lott beat her to the chair for the nail treatment.

17th February 2012

Tweet: "I was told for Safety reasons I could not stop at (at) Bbcr1 I'm sorry to everyone who was waiting. Without barriers and the amount of people it was not allowed. It sucks." Pop star Jessie J apologises to fans waiting to meet her at Bbc Radio 1 headquarters on Friday (17Feb12) after she was prevented from stopping to greet the crowd.

14th February 2012

Quote: "I was in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Whistle Down The Wind when I was nine years old. I would love to do musicals. That is what I trained in. I'd love to be in Cats. I'd like to be a cat. I'd love to write a musical." Jessie J shares her musical theatre ambitions.

5th February 2012

Fact: Singer Jessie J defied medical advice and wore high heels for the first time in six months for her appearance on U.K. talk show The Jonathan Ross Show this week (ends05Feb12). The star had been banned from wearing stilettos after breaking her foot last year (11).

1st February 2012

Fact: Pop star Pixie Lott has proved she has a bigger appetite - and mouth - than fellow Brit Jessie J after stuffing 22 chocolate-covered honeycomb balls in her mouth for a wacky contest on London's Capital FM. The Price Tag hitmaker managed just 10 during a previous guest slot.

30th January 2012

Quote: "I get given a lot of clothes and I don't always like them so I give them to homeless people or to local charity shops. The charity shop near where I live has loads of my clothes in the window. We walked past and all my friends were liking these gold shoes and I screamed, 'Well, they are mine!'" British singer Jessie J is generous with her unused freebies.

29th November 2011

Quote: "I got to a point where I questioned why I was in the music industry. I wasn't happy. I got to a point where I couldn't do it any more and had to have a break." British pop star Jessie J worried a career in music wasn't for her earlier this year (11).

2nd November 2011

Quote: "Me and Ed are going to try to do some writing together. I joined him on stage at one of his shows recently so we have vowed to start writing some songs next. Jessie J too. We were meant to have a writing session years ago but our schedules didn't meet. We have to try and make it happen at last." Pop star Pixie Lott is planning to join forces with fellow British singers Jessie J and Ed Sheeran.

24th October 2011

Tweet: "Just got papped going into the hospital for physio for my ankle. So if there is any silly untrue strories (sic) written ignore them!" British pop star Jessie J assures fans she's just going for a check-up on her injured foot after being photographed by paparazzi.

20th October 2011

Quote: "I have thought about coming off Twitter. You can't filter out the things you don't want to read from your feedline. They stay in your head. I'm human. I'm not a robot." British pop star Jessie J hates reading negative comments about herself online.

17th October 2011

Quote: "One fan broke her ankle so she'd know how I feel. That was weird. Another locked me in a toilet once and then started taking photos of me. I was like, 'Please let me wash my hands!'" Jessie J, who is recovering from a broken foot, has attracted some obsessive fans.

7th October 2011

Tweet: "Big up all the people trying to kick me while I'm up. I'm working harder than ever for you guys. Enjoying the moment. Good freaking times :)" British pop star Jessie J is taking harsh criticism in her stride.

2nd October 2011

Quote: "I was s**tting myself when I met Jessie because she is fit as f**k... I went to give her a kiss but she said she couldn't because of her broken leg. I was thinking, 'Your bloody lips still work so what's the problem?' But she didn't seem impressed by me at all." James Morrison's charm failed to work on fellow British singer Jessie J when the pair teamed up to record a song together.

29th September 2011

Tweet: "I had a Huge day today... Guess what I did? Today I walked in 2 shoes." British pop star Jessie J is recovering well after breaking her left foot in June (11).

28th September 2011

Quote: "I was worried Jessie would be too pop for my song. I wasn't sure if she'd get the right emotion across. But from the first second she was in the studio, she did an amazing job. Jessie was born to be a pop star. She's going to develop into a major, major talent." British singer James Morrison was impressed by Jessie J after teaming up with her for a track on his new album The Awakening.

19th September 2011

Fact: British pop star Jessie J is the new ambassador for drinks company Glaceau vitaminwater.

17th September 2011

Tweet: "I keep looking down at my foot thinking theres (sic) a spider on it. The nerves are all coming back. #weird". British pop star Jessie J is getting the feeling back in her left foot after breaking it in June (11).

10th September 2011

Tweet: "Looks like someone has started a rumour that I have fallen over backstage at Red or Black. I haven't fallen over I'm fine and I had an amazing time." British singer Jessie J dismisses speculation she suffered a tumble behind the scenes at Simon Cowell's new U.K. TV show Red Or Black? on Friday night (09Sep11).

9th September 2011

Tweet: "I do Not have a personal FaceBook. All the personal pages are Fake!!!! My fanpage is 'Jessie J' :)" British pop star Jessie J warns fans to beware of online fraudsters.

10th August 2011

Tweet: "I was writing a song but I had to leave as the studio was evacuated." British pop star Jessie J's studio time was cut short amid fears rioters in London would target the building on Tuesday (09Jul11).

4th August 2011

Quote: "I hate buying underwear because I hardly have any boobs." Pop star Jessie J on her dressing difficulties.

4th July 2011

Tweet: "Defo (definitely) gonna be writing a new song called 'Bed Bound' or 'House Arrest'. Lol" British singer Jessie J is feeling inspired by her bed rest after breaking her foot.

4th July 2011

Tweet: "I feel like Bart Simpson in the episode when he had broken his leg and couldn't play out." Singer Jessie J is frustrated she has to stay at home and nurse her broken foot.

24th June 2011

Tweet: "Trying to do anything with a broken foot is" British singer Jessie J is struggling to cope with her foot injury.

13th June 2011

Quote: "I'm not sure that would work - I'm not really a fan (of the Spice Girls). I'd rather do a Jessie J episode. And I'm hoping to convince Harrison Ford to have a cameo." Actor Matthew Morrison would love a tribute to Jessie J, rather than the Spice Girls, in future Glee episodes.

7th June 2011

Fact: Jessie J is hitting the road with Katy Perry in November (11). The British singer will be Perry's opening act for five dates on the North American leg of her California Dreams tour.

6th June 2011

Tweet: "Kinda tempted to go to The Glamour Awards tomorrow with a pram and a pregnant belly. They'll soon move onto something else." British pop star Jessie J jokes about playing up to false rumours she's expecting her first child.

1st June 2011

Quote: "I've now got a brand new Mercedes Slk, but the only thing is I can't drive it... I'm a mess. I don't know how to use the radio. I try to indicate and I spray water at people and I'm not a fan of the heated seat because it feels like you've wet yourself." British singer Jessie J is having trouble adapting to the new car she was given by bosses at her record company.

16th May 2011

Quote: "It's nice to meet someone that (sic) has been through what I'm going through. In the bad times, you need someone to give you a hug. I didn't mean to get that serious. I was only meeting her for a minute and I was like, 'Can I have a counselling session please?'" British pop newcomer Jessie J begged Katy Perry for advice after they met in Australia last week (ends15May11).

3rd May 2011

Quote: "I want to sit there with the Katy Perrys and the (Lady) Gagas and the Rihannas and feel comfortable. I don't want to be the British chick who tried to make it and didn't. I'm not going to sleep until that happens!" Singer Jessie J is desperate to become the next international pop superstar.

25th April 2011

Quote: "I said to her, 'If it means anything, I'd much rather date you than him.'" British pop sensation Jessie J had a revelation of her own when she met actress Courteney Cox last week (ends22Apr11), after the former Friends star's husband David Arquette confessed to a crush on the singer.

20th April 2011

Quote: "I want to duet with her. That would be so awesome!" Child pop star Willow Smith is eyeing a collaboration with British chart sensation Jessie J.

19th April 2011

Quote: "I Imdb'd (searched online) her and she's gorgeous. I don't blame him. Her voice is amazing." Courteney Cox on her husband's new crush, pop star Jessie J. The two women appeared on the same U.S. chat show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, on Monday (18Apr11).

14th April 2011

Tweet: "I'm sorry I've been quiet. I have been struck with flu and a sore throat boooo." British singer Jessie J is nursing a nasty illness.

2nd March 2011

Quote: "I didn't realise how talented he was and I hold my hands up to say it. He was playing drums at three years old and playing guitar too. I would definitely love to work with him, I think that he is a real inspiration to young people." British singer Jessie J wants to duet with teen pop sensation Justin Bieber.

25th February 2011

Quote: "She's made normal artists and music boring, which bothers me. It annoys me when people say Leona Lewis is boring. No, she's not. She's got a sick voice and being normal is cool." British singer Jessie J blames outrageous Lady GaGa for making the pop star life difficult.

16th February 2011

Tweet: "I am so happy right now I could cry." British pop newcomer Jessie J is emotional after winning the Critics' Choice accolade at the Brit Awards in London on Tuesday (15Feb11).

16th February 2011

Quote: "(I want) to get a Grammy. I'm going to work hard, I'm not going to presume or expect, I'm just going to work really hard, and you never know." Newcomer Jessie J is hoping for an honour at the American prizegiving one day, after scooping the Critics' Choice accolade at the Brit Awards in London on Tuesday (15Feb11).

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