Tuesday's Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was an emotional affair, with traveller Danielle Mason giving birth to her son Rudy. However, the sister of Eastenders star Jessie Wallace, had to put her foot down to ensure boyfriend Tony Giles was present at the hospital, reports the UK's Daily Mail.

Justifying his initial decision to stay away from the birth, Tony said, "It's not what we travellers do.it is a woman thing". Danielle complained that her boyfriend's gypsy family won't accept her because she is a "gorja" - somebody who lives in a house, and also because she works as a glamour model. She said, "They've called me a tart but they don't even know me.They're stabbing themselves in the foot because if they don't know me there's no way my child is going to see them". Referring to her relationship, she added: "We're strong, we love each other so people will have to get over it". The couple are yet to get engaged but revealed plans to eventually tie the knot. Despite being a cage-fighter, Tony (who eventually turned up at the hospital) was shown getting involved in the upbringing of his new-born son and told cameras, "'I'm not just a cage fighter, I'm not just a pretty face, I'm a full trained dad".

Speaking on ITV1's Lorraine show on Tuesday (March 6, 2012), Danielle revealed that her famous sister Jessie is yet to meet her nephew, despite him now being six-months old.