Jesy Nelson's debut solo album was inspired by a break-up.

The former Little Mix singer admitted that the demise of her relationship provided inspiration for the upcoming record but said that it took a huge toll on her and she never wants "to experience that again".

She told Vulture: "If you were to bring 1990s- and 2000s-era R&B and pop back and make it now, that’s what it sounds like. I went through a breakup when I was writing it; it was the first time I’d ever been heartbroken in my life. I cried for a month in the studio. I wouldn’t change it because I wrote the best album from it, but Jesus Christ, I never want to experience that again. A lot of it [is also about] what I was going through in the band and how I was feeling. Then there’s just some bangers!"

Jesy, 30, admitted she is nervous about her solo career but believes that she has been true to herself throughout the experience.

She said: "Good nerves. It’s not like, This might fall to s*** because — touch wood — even if it did, I know I’ve been true to myself. I’ve been so honest on the songs. I’ve been through the toughest breakup and told all the stories I wanted to tell. If it did go wrong, I’m okay with that.

"[After leaving Little Mix], I remember being terrified thinking about what I wanted to do. My mum was like, 'Why don’t we move to Cornwall and get a tea shop?' and I was like, 'Mum, I don’t think that’s realistic!' Then I thought maybe I’d do more documentaries or go into TV, but then I kept coming back to music. Performing was my thing, so to not do that again saddened me. I couldn’t let that experience [in the group] take that away from me."