Review of Cold Hard Bitch Single by Jet


Jet - Cold Hard Bitch - Single Review


Cold Hard Bitch

Yet another blinding offering of true rock from Jet. Cold Hard Bitch is the perfect musical illustration of why these Aussie rockers see such incredible success wherever they go in the world.

Bounding in with a dirty, raw true Jet-like riff, this track is perhaps one of the most sexy and attitude-filled taken from their brilliant album, Get Born.

Jet - Cold Hard Bitch - Single Review

If you listen carefully you can certainly hear the melodious influences of bearded rock royals ZZ Top and the slightly less hairy but no less royal T Rex – praise indeed for the four boys from Melbourne, but wholly deserved.

B-side, Everlovin’ Man, is just as dirty and again is steeped in historical rock influences just as this band are steeped in JD. It has that raw, classic rock ‘n’ roll vocal that frontman Nic Cester has made Jet songs famous for.

It seems Jet can do no wrong in the eyes of their peers and fans and I think anyone who thinks this track isn’t up to scratch is definitely a Cold Hard Bitch.


Jemma Volp-Fletcher