We’ve seen screen-legends combine to bring us the other side of a ‘coming of age’ story before - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel did it to some degree of success – and now we have Le Week-End, which see Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan’s characters head to the city of love to see if theirs can be reignited.

Jim Broadbent and Lindsay DuncanJim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan in le Week-end

The Guardian, on the strength of the film’s Toronto 2013 screening, certainly liked it, giving it four stars. “All three lead characters are brimful of insight, with Broadbent brilliant as a man berated by his wife, scorned by his employers, exploited by his son, and offered scant compensation from anyone,” says their review.

"Le Week-End feels like their most successful collaboration to date," say The Telegraph, who matched The Guardian’s four-star award. “Its story springs from a couple’s small disappointments and resentments in a marriage that seems to have gone gradually adrift. They both confront this state of affairs – one more readily than the other – in the course of this significant mini-break.”

Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan and Jeff Goldblum
Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan and Jeff Goldblum

The Toronto Film Festival has been the epicentre of film for the last few days, and has already ignited and doused some Oscar flames. Dallas Buyers Club has enjoyed a warm reception, with the critics suggesting Matthew McConaughy could be in line for a golden statuette, while Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom as endured a tough time, all but banishing any hopes of Academy triumph come February 2014. Le Week-End is due for release on 11 October in the U.K and 1 November in the U.S.

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