8) Warner Brothers Dropped It Like A Hot Potato

Universal had to step up and foot the bill for Dumb and Dumber To after Warner Bros. reportedly got cold feet due to a lack of interest. At the time Carrey too stepped away from the movie after receiving a lukewarm response from the studio. "I would have thought 'Dumb and Dumber To' was a no-brainer, after all it's implied in the title," he said in a statement.

Jim Carrey
Fear Not: It's Full Steam Ahead!

However, Carrey dispelled fears at the SXSW opening night premiere of his latest comedy, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. "I'm ready," he said. "There is a script. It's fun. Jeff and I are raring to go."

9) Luckily, Universal were on hand to save the day and it's full steam ahead for a wide release on the 14th November 2014. Yeehaa!