The lawyers for a singer who insists he's tragic rock legend Jim Morrison's son have sent a cease a desist letter to the editor of a leading The Doors fansite urging him to stop selling their client's CDs online.
The Doors Collectors Magazine editor Kerry Humpherys tells WENN he was staggered to receive the missive last month (May12) - because he was just trying to do a favour for Cliff Morrison.
Humpherys insists he's far from convinced the former Cliff Marsden is the son of the Light My Fire singer, but he "felt sorry for him", adding, "He was so pathetic that I even bought a box of his CDs to sell on our website after his first flopped."
Humpherys bought up 200 of Know Peaking, which featured The Doors' guitarist Robby Krieger's son Waylon as a session musician, back in 2008, and he admits he has only been able to sell 50 in four years.
He says, "I received an email from Cliff's then-manager. He wanted me to try and sell them. The guitar on the album sounded great, due to Waylon, and for that fact alone, I thought the CD had some value - and was a big part of my decision to buy the CDs in the first place.
"These CDs were all legally purchased from Cliff's record label at the time - they are not bootlegs. I have no idea why (lawyers representing) Lizard Sun band want me to stop selling the CDs. I can only imagine they don't like the way I have promoted them online and also I gather they have remixed the album and are trying to sell a new issue."
Humpherys plans to keep selling the CDs, but, for the time being, he is giving them away free to anyone who spends more than $30 (£19) on memorabilia via his website.