Jim Morrison's one-time lawyer has spoken out to dispel the tragic rock legend's reputation as a wildman, insisting he was "a very nice person".
Robert Josefsberg, who defended The Doors star in his infamous 1969 Florida indecent exposure case, claims moviemaker Oliver Stone's portrayal of the Riders on the Storm singer in the movie The Doors is all wrong.
The lawyer tells the New York Times he "hit it off" with Morrison and it was a pleasure to represent him.
He says, "Oliver Stone, with all due respect, is a revisionist. In the movie Jim was portrayed as a selfish druggie and he wasn't. He was a very nice person, a nice, decent human being with a very good sense of humour.
"We spent a lot of time with notepads, passing notes back and forth to each other, and he was very perceptive, very bright. He understood everything going on around him. And for the three weeks I was with him, he was sober."
And Josefsberg insists it's high time Morrison was posthumously pardoned by Florida governor Charlie Crist.
He adds, "People were terribly offended by what he did, and I think it got blown out of proportion, as most things do. It gathered its own steam and fed off itself, and it became an atrocious thing.
"Not that I'm saying dropping your pants in public is acceptable. It's not. It's also not the worst thing in the world that ever happened. I'm not justifying his behaviour. I think there was an overreaction."
Crist is currently considering a move to officially drop charges against Morrison and wipe the crime from his record.