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Jim Noir Tower Of Love Album

Jim Noir is the next act to follow the likes of Oasis, Happy Mondays, Ian Brown and even Badly Drawn Boy from Manchester, or in Jim Noirs case 'Greater Manchester'. I don't want go upsetting anyone I know how annoyed the people from the Wirral get if you say they're from Liverpool.

So it has always been said that if you are known as well, experimental, then you must be a hard punk, rock kind of artist. That's not always the case and certainly is not the case with Mr Noir. I would say that this guy is right up there in the experimental department, somewhere along the lines of the Beach Boys meet Badly Drawn Boy.

The imagination of this bloke is so wide & varied yet at the same time so simple, for example: 'Computer Song' is just that, it does exactly what it says on the tin so to speak. It's about a bloody computer, that's right it is a song about a computer. for the simplicity of the lyics could lead you the believe, if i didnt know any better that Phoebe from friends had written it. Fantastic song, but just remember Mr Noir a bad workman always blames his tools, and you are not that (he just keeps on breaking the mould). So soon after and madness finally settles in when 'Eanie Meany' hits you (no the blue meanies aren't coming). This shows the anger in the man and maybe child hood memories. With what I think is the best lyric on the whole album "If you don't give my football back, I'm going to get my dad on you'. Lets be honest how many blokes out there can say that they have had to climb over to next doors garden and get your ball back. I did many times, luckily it was my neighbour I was playing football or cricket with. So try and picture Ian Brown and he has gone soft, don't ask why just do it. Any way, if you get that picture in your mind and listen to 'Key Of C' then you will understand. 'Key Of C just has that feel.

the comparisons to Brown end here, musically, this is far from Brown. It's mad and yet again it works. With these mad melodies you will end up with a smile on your face, especially once you have listened to all twelve crazily addictive tracks.

If Jim Noir does not grab as this years big thing then I am baffled to what will!!! Maybe it will be the same old same old, for something different, I say go with this is the guy. It is different to my usual sort of stuff but I am hooked! Noir is quality! if you're like me then i'm sure the change will do you all good!

Mark Moore

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