Jim Parsons dyed his hair to ''shake things up'' for his husband.

The 'Big Bang Theory' star is isolating with his spouse Todd Spiewak and joked the new hair do would mean he has ''one-and-a-half companions'' now rather than just the two of them.

Speaking to host Jess Cagle for SiriusXM's Virtual Town Hall, he said: ''Quarantine causes changes. I wanted to shake things up for the husband, who only has one companion. Now he's got sort of one-and-a-half companions. You know, a little new thing to jazz it up.''

Jim and Todd Spiewak tied the knot during an intimate ceremony at the Rainbow Room in New York in May 2017 after over a decade long relationship.

Jim came out as gay in 2012 after he said in an interview with the New York Times that he had been in a relationship with Todd for 10 years.

In 2015, Jim discussed the interview as he described the question which prompted him to confirm his sexuality as ''a gift'' and a ''wonderful thing''.

He said: ''I never had a coming out piece, I just didn't mention it. I took Todd with me to events ... and then finally one day while working on 'Harvey' I did a piece with Patrick Healy for The New York Times and he just point-blank asked, 'Was working on 'The Normal Heart' meaningful to you as a gay man?' And I was like, 'Well, yeah. Yeah.' And what a wonderful ... I can't tell you what a wonderful thing that was, what a gift he gave me with one question. It was suddenly out there and official.''

And back in 2018, Jim admitted he finds it ''weird'' he's only celebrating his one-year anniversary with his husband - despite them being together for 16 years.

The 'Big Bang Theory' actor said: ''It's such a weird thing being a gay couple ... at my age. Because you couldn't get married. So now this is our 16th year together. But it's our first anniversary.''