MICHAEL LANG, the brains behind iconic 1969 music festival Woodstock, has revealed TV and film cowboy ROY ROGERS turned down the chance to end the three-day event Last night (24OCT06) in Hollywood, Lang told an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences panel discussion about the festival movie - also called Woodstock, he wanted Rogers to croon HAPPY TRAILS after Jimi Hendrix's headlining appearance He said, "I had this inner dream I grew up listening to Roy Rogers sing Happy Trails on the radio and I thought, `What a perfect way to end the show ' "He was the only artist who turned us down He didn't get it at all " As well as Hendrix, the festival also featured live performances from CROSBY, STILLS + NASH, Joan Baez, TEN YEARS AFTER, The Who and COUNTRY JOE + THE FISH