Are you counting down the days until Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake host/guest on Saturday Night Live? Of course you are. We all are. Only three days left. Despite Fallon being an SNL alumn himself, he wasn’t spared from having to brave the NY cold and record some promos for the Dec 21 event alongside Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon. And we’re glad for that, because, predictably, Fallon’s promos are pretty hilarious.

Jimmy Fallon, Macy's Thanksgiving Day ParadeJustin Timberlake, 20/20 Experience Release Party
Brace yourselves, the SNL show you didn't even know you needed is almost here.

And, uh, we hate to break it to you... but JT won’t be there, because of a cancelled flight. Nah, of course he’ll be there, but they did give us a start with that particular joke. Though Fallon and Thompson would be forgiven, since they were apparently forced to stand in the snow (or pigeon droppings, as Jimmy joked in true NY style) for hours to film those promos.

Check out the promos, they're cool. We promise.

McKinnon got the slightly better treatment, as her promos were filmed inside and with the assistance of Fallon on guitar, although it’s debatable whether that’s a blessing or a curse. The song was pretty catchy though: “Leg up, leg up for the Christmas show/ we got a leg up for the Christmas show/lights up...”

Jimmy Fallon, Time 100 Gala
Apparently, Fallon does have some guitar skills. His lyrics, on the other hand...

It gets pretty muddled after that. It’s a pretty safe bet they came up with the lyrics on the spot, but you get the idea. Jimmy Fallon. Justin Timberlake. Saturday Night Live. We couldn’t be more excited. Well, maybe we could, but only if they perform History of Rap 5.

This. More of this, please.