Just in case you had forgotten – we hadn’t – Jimmy Kimmel is set to take over The Tonight Show with Jay Leno from February 17. He made it official today, by tweeting the brand new logo for the show, now featuring his name. In case you want to get in on the social media action, the hashtag is #FallonTonight.

Jimmy Fallon, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Fallon is excited to take over the Tonight Show from longtime host Leno.

It was announced earlier this year, that after many shifts at NBC, Leno would be replaced by Fallon and The Tonight Show will return to his original home in NYC. Before Fallon leaves his current home at Late Night, however, he will bow out one last time, with a special episode of the show, commemorating his run. A special, entitled “Best of Late Show with Jimmy Fallon” is set to air early in 2014. Fallon will then be replaced with Saturday Night Live alumn Seth Meyers, because NBC likes to keep it in the family apparently. Fallon even talked to the NY Daily News about some possible improvements that’ll be brought to the Tonight Show after his takeover.

And isn't the new logo just so pretty?