Steve Irwin's teenage son Robert Irwin has returned to 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' and we just can't get enough of him. He brings with him a host of interesting and adorable creatures for the talk show host to enjoy, from leg-less lizards to cuddly baby black bears.

Robert Irwin pictured in 2015Robert Irwin pictured in 2015

Just two months ago did Robert make his debut appearance on 'The Tonight Show', encouraging Jimmy to cuddle with gigantic snakes and sloths, and it seemed viewers loved him so much that he's been invited back to introduce more of his furry - and scaley - friends from Australia Zoo.

Jimmy wasn't thrilled with Jane the dictator scorpion, nor Lulu and Fluffy the leg-less lizards, though he was overwhelmed by the cuteness of D9 and Flo the 2-month-old black bears - despite the fact that Robert had to tell one of them several times, 'Don't eat Jimmy'.

Probably the most amusing guest was Orville the binturong, for whom Robert encourage Jimmy to get on his hands and knees and let him sniff his head. Meanwhile, The Roots looked less than pleased with being roped into helping with a colourful bird named Beatrice, which Robert explained was a very well-trained green aracari. 

Jimmy Fallon at the Golden Globes after partyJimmy Fallon at the Golden Globes after party

We really didn't think it was impossible for anyone to match the childlike enthusiasm and genuine love of animals that the original Crocodile Hunter had, nor his extreme Aussie-ness - but we were wrong. Not only is his 13-year-old son - who was just 3 at the time of his father's death in 2006 - the spitting image of Steve, but he also sounds and acts exactly like him. 

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He's barely a teenager and he's already continuing the passion of his late father with his work at Australia Zoo and has had success with his TV show 'Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors'. He's the 13-year-old we all wish we could be.