Jimmy Kimmel will be ''amused'' if the Emmy Awards go wrong.

The 52-year-old talk show host will anchor Sunday's (20.09.20) ceremony from the Staples Centre in Los Angeles but the nominees will be on video link from their own homes and there'll be no live audience and he insisted he's not too worried about the challenging circumstances.

He said: ''I have a weird masochistic streak where I enjoy putting myself in difficult situations.

''So if the worst happens and it all breaks down, there will definitely be a part of me that is amused by it. I sometimes step outside my body and laugh at myself. So whatever happens, it'll be OK.

''I mean, it's just a television show. It's not like I'm flying a jet.''

Jimmy - who hosted the 2017 Oscars when the Best Picture award was famously handed to the wrong movie - admitted reliance on technology means there's a potential for the ceremony to be a ''beautiful disaster''.

Asked what would make the evening a disaster, he told the Hollywood Reporter: ''If hey give the wrong Emmy to the wrong show.

''No, it would be a disaster if we can't get the nominees and winners on the air. That will be a disaster, but it could also be a beautiful disaster.''

And the presenter doesn't have a plan B in place if things go wrong.

Discussing his back-up plan, he said: ''Nothing, really. I mean, honestly, nothing. If something happens technically, I will be touching upon all the skills I've acquired over the course of my life.

''I know one magic trick. I can kind of juggle. I guess I could draw caricatures of the crew.

''We are heavily relying on Wi-Fi for this Emmys -- more than any show ever has before.''

And the host can also see some positives in the unusual set-up for the evening.

He said: ''We've got some people who are going to be a part of the show who don't typically do this, and that's exciting for me. I don't want to blow anything, but I think that's going to be fun for people to see.

''The big public spectacle that is usually the Emmys scares some people away, and we're going to take advantage of that -- of those who aren't scared away.''