Take one emerging talk show host, and make them interview one of the genre's all time legends, and what do you get? A nervous, emerging talk show host. Jimmy Kimmel says interviewing David Letterman is "a big deal" for him.

"It's been some welcome," he laughed, when Access Hollywood interviewed on moving his show to Brooklyn. "We were, of course, disappointed that we had to cancel our first show, and then trying to do the show in the middle of all this craziness has been difficult, but I don't know -- it brings people together to, I guess, stand in line outside Trader Joe's trying to get hummus," Jimmy joked. "Tonight David Letterman is on the show and the band Vampire Weekend... I'm nervous about it because I've been watching David Letterman religiously since I was about 13 years old," Jimmy said. "When I was a kid, my birthday cake said, 'Late Night with David Letterman' on it, my license plate on my car said, 'Late Night,' so it's a big deal for me."

We're not surprised: this would be like Kendrick Lamar interviewing 2 Pac; David Beckham interviewing Pele, or Daniel Radcliff interviewing any other professional actor capable of acting. It's a big deal. You can catch the two talk show hosts... talking, 12/11c tonight (Wednesday, October 31) on ABC.