Ellen Degeneres invited her close friend and fellow talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on her show this week to reveal a special surprise she had in store for him and his family. Plus, he opens up about the most awkward time he ever got over-emotional about something.

Jimmy Kimmel at the LGBT Gala AwardsJimmy Kimmel at the LGBT Gala Awards

Viewers of 'The Ellen Show' helped raise $1 million for the Children's Hospital Los Angeles following Jimmy's emotional plea for donations while his baby son Billy was going through a number of heart surgeries. If that wasn't enough, Ellen had an even more touching gift for him. 

'We called our friends at Children's Hospital LA and we have named one of the rooms of the Heart Institute floor in honour of Billy', Ellen revealed. 'That will forever be the Billy Kimmel room.'

Jimmy seemed stunned at the gesture, and even more so that some of Billy's nurses were there in Ellen's audience. He managed to hold it all together though - a miracle given that he's a self-confessed 'crier', and breaks down over just about anything.

He spoke about how emotional he gets during his 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' monologues when discussing things like his son's illness and major disasters that have occurred both within and without of the country, and confessed that the most embarrassing occasion was when he lost it at a couple's wedding.

'I used to be a mobile DJ, I did weddings', he said, explaining that he was introducing the first dance, the father-of-the-bride dance, and then the mother-of-the-groom dance.

'In the time since we planned the wedding and the day the wedding happened, the groom's mother has passed away. Which no-one told me', he continues. 'Everyone in the whole wedding started crying, including the disc jockey. I was so upset that [the couple] were coming over and comforting me.'

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He might wear his heart on his sleeve, but that's certainly why Ellen - and everyone else - loves him so much.