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'He Groomed A Nation': Shocking Report Of Jimmy Savile’s Abuse, Revealed

Jimmy Savile

A Metropolitan Police report detailing the findings of the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse made against Jimmy Savile’s has been released to the press. The report, named the ‘Giving Victims a Voice’ report, was compiled by police working on Operation Yewtree – an investigation into allegations made not only against Savile, but others, too. The results of the report reveal the widespread and disturbing nature of Savile’s crimes.

Commander Peter Spindler is the head of the inquiry and commented that Savile had “groomed a nation.” The allegations contained in the report date back as early as 1955 and Spindler added that Savile “spent every minute of every waking day thinking about it whenever an opportunity came along he has taken it. He is programmed to think and act in that way. He only picked the most vulnerable, the ones least likely to speak out against him.” The report, he said, “paints a stark picture emphasising the tragic consequences of when vulnerability and power collide.”

450 allegations of sexual abuse were made against Jimmy Savile, over a period of 54 years, the Telegraph reports. 18 girls and 10 boys under the age of 10 were abused by him, as well as 23 girls and 15 boys aged 10 to 13 at the time of the abuse occurring. The report was co-written by Peter Watt of the NSPCC, who said the findings “simply beggared belief.”

Jim Davidson: "I've Never Forced Myself On A Girl In My Life"

Jim Davidson Max Clifford Jimmy Savile

A fired up Jim Davidson spoke of his dismay at being arrested in connection with the Jimmy Savile sex-abuse scandal this week. The former Generation Game host is accused of sexually molesting two women though vehemently denies that he has ever forced himself on anyone.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper following his release from custody, the controversial comedian said, "I've never forced myself on a girl in my life." Apprehended at Heathrow airport before a scheduled appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, Davidson was quizzed by police investing two incidents 25 years ago. However, the father of five angrily said, "It's not in my make-up to do what I've been accused of. If a girl wasn't interested I'd say, 'F*** it, all right then' and move on. I know at the end of this I will be completely exonerated. I have done nothing wrong." The 59-year-old - who won early acclaim for his comedy though has since courted notoriety for his distasteful jokes - insisted he once gave up his bed so a "drunk dancer" could sleep in safety. "I never laid a finger on her even though she was completely comatose and wouldn't have had a clue what was going on. That's what kind of bloke I am - I'm a gentleman." Nice to know Jim, nice to know.

Police probing claims of sexual abuse against Jimmy Savile say more than 600 women had come forward with information. Other celebrities arrested as part of Operation Yewtree include Freddie Starr, Dave Lee Travis and Max Clifford.

Esther Rantzen: "Operation Yewtree Needs To Change And Change Quickly"

Esther Rantzen Jimmy Savile Jim Davidson

While most celebrities stay clear of Operation Yewtree, such is its sensitive nature, and widespread reportage, Esther Rantzen has publically condemned it for "tainting" the reputations of those arrested

In an interview with the Sunday Post, Ms Rantzen said: "I personally believe Operation Yewtree needs to change and change quickly. Yewtree could make it harder than ever for victims of abuse to ask for help, or gain the justice they deserve." Rantzen also questioned the arrest of Jim Davidson, sayin, "Yewtree is about child abuse, isn't it? After all, it was set up as a direct result of the Savile revelations. The NSPCCC is supporting the Yewtree investigations because it is a charity dedicated to protecting children against abuse. When Yewtree swoops - and celebrity after celebrity has been targeted by them - we assume they've uncovered yet more sexual abuse of children. But it turns out that Jim Davidson has not been accused of abusing any children. He is defending himself against historic accusations brought by two women who were in their 20s at the time."

Jim Davidson is the latest person to be arrested under the investigation, but vehemently denies the claims. In a statement, Mr Brandman - his solicitor - said, according to The Evening Standard: "Two women have made allegations in respect of Jim that date back approximately 25 years. The complainants were then in their mid 20s. Jim vigorously denies the allegations. He answered police questions as fully as he was able after this passage of time. He has not been charged with any offence. Neither he nor I will be making any further comment."

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"It’s Impossible To Think Any Less Of Him" – Frankie Boyle On Jim Davidson Sex Abuse Arrest

Jim Davidson Jimmy Savile Frankie Boyle

Yesterday, the comedian Jim Davidson was arrested by police working for Operation Yewtree, the investigation set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile sex scandal.

Discussion about his arrest has been rife on social media sites such as Twitter, with fellow comedian Frankie Boyle remarking “On the bright side for Jim Davidson, it's impossible for anyone to think any less of him.”

By Boyle’s standards, it was a pretty tame comment; elsewhere the general consensus seems to be a lack of shock regarding the news. Davidson is very much considered to hail from the old school of comedy – where misogyny and bigotry were often rife and he is hardly held as a beacon of morality or decent behaviour. One comment, repeated in varying forms on Twitter, is exemplified by the user @Skip_Licker, who commented “I'm shocked by this Jim Davidson story... to my core. He's being described as a comic.”

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Jimmy Savile Letters To Margaret Thatcher Intrigues Us To Censored Correspondence

Jimmy Savile Margaret Thatcher

A letter from Jimmy Savile to Margaret Thatcher - which is thought to be the beginning of a close relationship - has been released to the public for the first time. 

Part of a Savile file has been released under the 30-year rule by the National Archives at Kew, the letter reads: "I waited a week before writing to thank you for my lunch invitation because I had such a superb time I didn't want to be too effusive. My girl patients pretended to be madly jealous and wanted to know what you wore and what you ate. All the paralysed lads called me "Sir James" all week. They all love you. Me too!!" according to a picture of the letter obtained by The Daily Mail. Disturbingly, some interchanges between the two have been censored or deleted eight days after claims that he had sexually abused people surfaced in an ITV documentary.

There is no record of a reply from Thatcher, apart from a memo to her from her personal secretary. In the message dated March 9, 1981, after the DJ had lunch with Mrs Thatcher at Chequers, Caroline Stephens wrote: 'Can you kindly let me know if you made any promises to Jimmy Savile when he lunched with you yesterday, for instance: '(i) Did you offer him any money for Stoke Mandeville? '(ii) Did you tell him that you would appear on Jim'll Fix It?' In felt pen, Mrs Thatcher replies to the first saying: 'Will tell you in detail. MT.' To the second, she simply writes: 'No.'

Jimmy Savile Case Continues: London Man In His 70's Arrested

Jimmy Savile

Though it’s recognised as the Jimmy Savile case, the investigation into sexual abuse practices in the 1970s has long gone beyond the alleged actions of the disgraced former DJ, and now the BBC reports that another unnamed man in his 70’s has been arrested in connection to the search.

Savile, who died last year, allegedly abused some 450 victims, many of whom were underage. The revelations have seen other high profile names arrested in connection to the case, including PR consultant Max Clifford, comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and former TV producer Wilfred De’Ath, former pop star Gary Glitter and former TV host and sports commentator Stuart Hall. Now an unnamed man has joined them, arrested in the early hours of this morning (December 19, 2012) and held in custody in a south London police station. Officials have given no further information on the details of the allegations.

The man is the seventh person to have been arrested related to the investigation, with police saying that some 589 alleged victims have come forward regards sexual offences committed by Savile and others since the inquiries began. There are several different strands of inquiry currently taking place: the first, called Operation Yewtree, is dealing directly with those charges levelled at the late Savile; there are also numerous investigations into practices at his former employer the BBC during the 70’s, with another investigating why they dropped a Newsnight report on Savile last year. Furthermore, the department of health are investigating its own conduct into allowing Savile to lead a task force overseeing management of security psychiatric hospital Broadmoor in 1998.

Jimmy Savile Sex Scandal Rages On As 31 Accusations Of Rape May Just Be The Beginning

Jimmy Savile

Since his death last year, aged 84, the furore surrounding numerous allegations of child abuse, sexual abuse and rape have scandalized Britain. Shoddy journalism, concealed information and a pulled documentary have accompanied the growing number of testimonies against Savile, and police suggest there will be more, The Guardian reports.

"Our officers will continue to investigate allegations made against those who potentially can be brought to justice. More arrests nationally will be forthcoming," commander Peter Spindler explained. "Our response should send a clear warning to anyone today now in a position of power and influence who abuse their status to sexually exploit children and young people: victims will be listened to and robust action taken."

Peter Watt, director of the NSPCC, children's charity, allegations uncovered had "left a deep scar on the consciousness of the country," adding, "We must do all we can to ensure this never happens again by listening to children, taking them seriously and taking action to protect them. Sadly, Savile's victims had to wait decades for help. We have a historic opportunity to learn from the past and make a difference to how we protect children today."

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Max Clifford Faces Police Questions On Two Separate Sex Offences

Max Clifford Jimmy Savile Freddie Starr Gary Glitter

PR guru Max Clifford may need to use all the publicist expertise at his disposal to get himself out of this one, having been questioned by police about two separate sex offence allegations some eight years apart.

Mr Clifford, 69, is best known for keeping the images of such people as Kerry Katona and Katie Price their shiniest, but is now facing an up hill challenge to keep his own reputation in check. The publicist has told the press that the allegations he is facing have nothing to do with children, but revealed that he is not allowed to discuss his 12 hours of questioning any further. Clifford's summonings into police custody came yesterday morning (Dec 6) by officers working on the Jimmy Savile sex abuse inquiry that has dominated the headlines since the deceased TV presenter's sordid past emerged.

Following his mammoth questioning session, Clifford was quick to deny any and all of the accusations he is facing, telling the crowd of reporters outside his Surrey home earlier today (Dec 7) "I have nothing to hide."

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Max Clifford: Back To Work After Bail Release From Operation Yewtree Arrest

Max Clifford Jimmy Savile Gary Glitter

Despite his arrest under Operation Yewtree, which stems from sexual abuse claims that could date back to the 1970's, Max Clifford said the allegations "are totally without any foundation and are totally untrue", and is looking to get back to work following his bail release, Sky News reports.

He said he had "absolutely nothing to hide" over the claims levelled against him, and said, "I'll be working as I normally do - so trying to make things as normal as I possibly can in the circumstances." He said it had been "a horrible experience but you have to face up to these things", and continued to say, "The police have got to look into it (the allegations). That's what they have to do and obviously I have to answer their questions and hopefully show clearly and conclusively to them and everybody else that there's absolutely no truth in it at all." Operation Yewtree is being investigated under three categories of offences; those allegedly committed by Savile alone, those allegedly committed by Savile and others, and alleged offences by others.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said on Thursday: "The individual (held today) falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed 'others'. We are not prepared to discuss further." Among those arrested already in line with the investigation are Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and a man in his 70s, reported to be former television producer Wilfred De'Ath.

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Former 'It's A Knock Out Host' Stuart Hall Arrested On "Historical" Rape Charges

Jimmy Savile

As the story grows surrounding the now widespread sexual allegations surrounding Britain’s top male celebrities of the 1960's and 1970's, so too it gets sadder. The latest man to have been arrested by police is 82 year-old former TV presenter and sports commentator Stuart Hall.

Sky News reports that Hall – who was famous for hosting the game show It’s A Knockout - has been arrested because of allegations of rape and indecent assault, described as “historical”. A spokesman for the police said: "An 82-year-old man from Wilmslow in Cheshire has this morning been arrested by Lancashire Police at his home address on suspicion of rape and indecent assault. The man will be interviewed at a police station during the course of the day. The allegations are historic.”

They added: "We would encourage people with any information about sexual abuse or who has been a victim of sexual abuse to come forward and report their concerns confident in the knowledge it will be investigated appropriately and with sensitivity." Further information was given by Sky's North of England Correspondent, Mike McCarthy, who spoke from the scene: "Police have taken away a number of evidence bags, including it seems some documents and other items from the house." Since the allegations surrounding former TV presenter and DJ Jimmy Savile have come to light, several other stars from his era have been taken in for questioning including Freddie Star and former Radio 1 presenter Dave Lee Travis.

Fifth Man Questioned In Jimmy Savile Abuse Investigation - Identity Unknown

Jimmy Savile Gary Glitter Freddie Starr

A fifth man is being questioned, under caution, in connection with the ongoing Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, The Telegraph reports today (November 29, 2012). The man, in his 80’s and known to be from Berkshire, has not been named. Already, four other men have been questioned in relation to the case and all four have denied any involvement. Those men are the musician Gary Glitter (who already has past convictions for paedophilia), the comedian Freddie Starr, the DJ Dave Lee Travis and another man in his 70s, believed to be the TV producer William De’Ath.

The inquiry into the widespread scandal, which has brought the repute of the BBC into question, is being led by Scotland Yard and has been named Operation Yewtree. Around 450 potential victims are currently being spoken to by officers involved in the investigation, the “majority” of whom claim that they were the victims of Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse.

The allegations against Savile first came to light in an ITV documentary. Since it aired, hundreds of alleged victims have contacted police to help them with their inquiry. It also came to light that a planned BBC documentary on the matter had been shelved, for unclear reasons. The scandal led to the resignation of the BBC’s director general, George Entwhistle. He has been replaced by the appointment of Lord Tony Hall.

Former BBC Director General Mark Thompson Gives Evidence Into Jimmy Savile Newsnight Case

Jimmy Savile Mark Thompson

The Newsnight investigation into Jimmy Savile and his unsavoury antics that was dropped by the network's executives is being investigated to see why the show was dropped in the first place, with former BBC director general Mark Thompson said to have already given a statement for the inquest.

The independent Pollard Review, which is being chaired by former Sky News executive Nick Pollard, is seeking to establish whether there were any "failings" in the decision to drop the Newsnight investigation that was meant to go to air while Thompson, now president of The New York Times, was still in charge of the broadcasting corporation. Mr Pollard spoke to press after a meeting recently when he reassured that the review was making "good progress".

Mr Thompson began his new job earlier this month whilst the turmoil at his old employers was reaching boiling point. According to the BBC, his appointment is already being questioned by a number of staff members at his new offices, who said they wanted to know more about his part in the crisis at the network. The ongoing review will also take into consideration the BBC's handling of some potentially sensitive material which may have been of use to the police in the ongoing investigation into child abuse claims against the late Savile and several other BBC employees.

Dave Lee Travis Denies That Arrest Is Related To Child Abuse

Jimmy Savile

Former BBC DJ Dave Lee Thomas has denied any wrongdoing relating to his arrest on suspicion of sexual offences, adding that the allegations have "nothing to do with kids."

The 67-year-old is the latest former BBC personality drawn into the ongoing child abuse scandal dogging the corporation, stemming from the allegations that Jimmy Savile sexually abused a number of under-aged girls from the 1960's - 90's. His arrest and subsequent bail came from police probing that began as a result of the much-publicised Savile case.

The DJ, who was immediately dropped by his current employers Magic FM when news of his arrest emerged, is due to answer to the allegations following his bail in January. Mr Travis spoke with reporters outside his Bedfordshire home today, denying all allegations and insisting that his arrest is nothing to do with children.

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Dave Lee Travis Released On Bail After Arrest In Jimmy Savile Case

Jimmy Savile

Ex-BBC Radio 1 presenter Dave Lee Travis was arrested today on suspicion of sexual offences in relation to the Jimmy Savile case, but he has since been released on bail.

Travis' arrest, in connection with 'Operation Yewtree', the name given to the investigations into the sex offences scandal begun in relation to Jimmy Savile, is the fourth so far, following Gary Glitter, Freddie Star and Wilfred De'ath. The investigation is split into three categories, Jimmy Savile, Savile and Others and Others. According to a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police, Travis comes under 'Others'.  

The Telegraph reports that the allegations against Mr Travis are not in regard to paedophilia, but instead relate to two reports from women who accuse the radio presenter of sexual assault. At the time, last month, Travis made a statement. "I categorically deny that there is any substance in either allegation" he said. "I'm genuinely surprised that allegations of this nature have been made. I totally refute any impropriety." 

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DJ Dave Lee Travis Arrested As Savile BBC Investigation Grows

Jimmy Savile

The Jimmy Savile sex case scandal gets wider and wider with radio DJ Dave Lee Travis being arrested by the police and taken in for questioning.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the 67 year-old DJ, who also presented television show Top Of The Pops between 1974 and 1984, was arrested at his home in Bedfordshire in the early hours of this morning by the Metropolitan Police. Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr have already been arrested in relation to the ongoing investigation into sexual crimes potentially carried out by the late Jimmy Savile and other BBC colleagues during the 1970s and 1980s, and Travis’ name too has been brought into question, in spite of him previously saying “I categorically deny that there is any substance in either allegation and I’m genuinely surprised that allegations of this nature have been made. I totally refute any impropriety.”

Whereas Savile is being suspected for pedophilia, the accusations being made against his former work colleague amount to Travis groping two women of legal consent. One is alleging that she’d been asked to come back to the disc jockey’s studio as he put his hand up her skirt. The veteran radio personality has previously had a good reputation among the public, with Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi saying that his BBC World Service music request show had gotten her through years of house arrest.

Did Jimmy Savile Engineer Programming To Target Children?

Jimmy Savile

The Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal has taken yet another turn. Mark Williams-Thomas, the detective who first exposed it all, has added yet more cause for concern, by stating his belief that Savile "engineered" programs to get closer to children.  

"In the previous programme it was unclear what came first, he explained. "But I can very clearly tell you now that he created his television series as a vehicle for his offending. I believe he engineered his programmes within the BBC and Radio Luxembourg in order to gain access to children." He added that, "The classic examples are Top of the Pops, Savile's Travels, Jim'll Fix It - all of them gave him access to young children. That's why there were so many victims." Williams-Thomas went on to state the need for a secondary documentary in order to highlight the true extent of Savile's abuse, in light of fresh evidence. "In the first programme, we focused on a fairly short time scale. Now we're able to show that Savile's offending behaviours spanned four decades and many hundreds of victims," he said. "This isn't just someone who offended only against 13-, 14- and 15-year-olds. It's someone who offended against ten-year-olds."

And with regards to the outcome of the lawful investigation into the scandal, Mr. Williams-Thomas is positive there will be a judicial outcome: "I think there will be further arrests over the forthcoming days, weeks and months of people who were party to offending alongside Savile," he said. "There will also be arrests of people who have got nothing to do with Savile, some of whom will be of very significant standing."

Jimmy Savile's Chauffer Arrested- But It's Not Related To Savile

Jimmy Savile

Despite there already being two arrests in connection to the allegations made against Jimmy Savile's associates, another arrest of his old chauffeur and flatmate, Ray Teret, having been accused of rape, is apparently unrelated to Savile, reports the Telegraph.

Ray Teret, aged 51, and his current flatmate, a 61 year old man, have both been arrested for a 'historic rape', which refers to a rape from a year ago or more. According to the Telegraph when Teret and Saville lived together during the 1960s they became so close that they referred to one another as father and son- Teret called Savile 'Dad'. 

Detective Inspector Simon Davies of Greater Manchester Police gave a statement that said:

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Francis Rossi Of Status Quo Reveals Odd Jimmy Savile Invitation

Jimmy Savile Francis Rossi Status Quo

As more and more harrowing stories of Jimmy Savile's alleged case continue to get released, it's not just the poor victims that have something to say. Celebrities and people that knew Savile are also enlightening us with their accounts of his sometimes off behaviour.

And Francis Rossi is the latest high profile figure to publically speak on Savile, telling The Mirror that he'd invited him to a lewd sex party, imploring him to "Come and see me tarts". The band's breakthrough single 'Pictures of Matchstick Men' had recently entered the Top Ten when Jimmy Savile approached the group backstage at a Top of the Pops recording. "Our dressing room was away from his. But he said: "Come here later on because there's going to be something. Come and see me tarts, some f*****g tarts we have got in." explained Rossi. "I was 18 but I just said 'get out of it'. I wasn't long married at the time. It didn't enter my mind at all." This of course is not to suggest that Savile was trying to illicit the abuse of underage girls, but this admission from Rossi, who experienced his behaviour first hand, only adds to the queasy feeling that now surrounds Savile and his legacy.

The story comes as Savile's youngest alleged victim came forward to sue the late broadcaster's £4.3 million estate. Aged at just eight at the time, she is claiming that Savile abused her at Stoke Mandeville hospital in 1986. 

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Compensation Claims On The Horizon In The Jimmy Savile Case

Jimmy Savile

With calls of complaints made to the BBC topping 6000, and numerous victims making contact with lawyers all over the country, Natwest have frozen Jimmy Savile's assets in preparation for a compensation claim flood, reports the Guardian.

Alan Collins was one of the solicitors employed in the Jersey child abuse case a few years ago, meaning that he has been considered suitable for Savile victims to contact, around 20 of whom have already done so. Additionally, an expert in child abuse cases, Liz Dux, has revealed that she's in touch with 30 of the alleged victims. The cases that are currently set to go forward against the BBC and others are for "vicarious liability". 

Because of the expected enormous financial fall out from these claims - not least for the compensation that will need to be awarded, but also the legal fees - Savile's £4m estate has been frozen by Natwest, who are acting as the estate's exector. This potentially means that the charity, the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust, which has done a lot of good work before and since Savile's death, may not get the £600,000 left to it in his will. A spokesperson for them was quoted to say: "Obviously any claim against the estate potentially reduces the amount going to the charity, and that in turn reduces the amount going to charitable/good causes. Even if the claims don't succeed, the legal costs of defending the claims will come from the funds due to the charity." They added, "Unfortunately it is very difficult to know at the current time how long it will take before the estate can be 'unfrozen' and distributed. We will be liaising with NatWest, the executors, to see how best to proceed." As more reports come in regarding the case, the numbers of those affected continues to expand. 

Freddie Starr Arrested In Conjunction With Jimmy Savile Case: Operation Yewtree

Freddie Starr Jimmy Savile

Freddie Star has been arrested as Met police continue to carry out the Jimmy Savile Case, Operation Yewtree, Channel 4 News reports.

The Metropolitan Police issued a statement saying "officers working on operation Yewtree have this evening, Thursday 1 November, arrested a man in his 60s in connection with the investigation. The man, from Warwickshire, was arrested at approximately 17.45 hrs on suspicion of sexual offences, and has been taken into police custody locally." The first arrest made under Yewtree was that of Gary Glitter, who was bailed on Sunday (October, 28). Star had previously denied ever meeting Karin Ward, the woman who alleged that he had molested her during the filming of the Jimmy Savile BBC show Clunk Click, but subsequent footage runs contrary to this. A statement issued by his lawyers reads: "Freddie is now 69 and cannot be expected to recollect every show that he has appeared on and to remember every person that he has met," and continues to state: "When the allegation made by Karin Ward was put to him Freddie's first reaction was that he would never grope a women and never has.”

Operation Yewtree’s senior officer has broken down the lines of enquiries into three distinct categories to help deal with the multitude of allegations: Savile on his own; Savile and others; and others. In its statement today, the Met said "The individual falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed 'Savile and others'."

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