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Rolf Harris Once Again Under Arrest In Connection To Operation Yewtree

Rolf Harris Jimmy Savile

After initial allegations during the first stage of Operation Yewtree in March, Rolf Harris has reportedly been arrested again this week. According to the BBC, the exact allegations haven’t been announced as of yet, with the Metropolitan Police stating only that an 83-year-old had been "further arrested in connection with further allegations", and re-bailed until later in August.

Rolf Harris, ITV Studios
The musician and TV personality has been arrested for the second time.

Harris has not been named directly in connection to Operation Yewtree, with the Met Police referring to Yewtree 5 instead. It is unclear whether Harris’ arrest had anything to do with the Saville investigation directly, as Operation Yewtree, which was started after the presenter’s death in 2011, has three branches. One deals directly with accusations against Saville himself, which have surfaced since 2011, the second handles connections of other people to the Saville case and the third is focused on claims of sexual harassment and abuse, completely separate from the Saville case.

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The Jimmy Savile Child Abuse Enquiry: £5 Million Well Spent By The BBC?

Jimmy Savile

When the news of former television presenter Jimmy Savile's sordid past was brought to light last year the world shrieked in horror at the appalling allegations brought forward against the once beloved philanthropist and TV personality. The company who hired Savile for the majority of his career, the tax-payer-funded BBC, have released information into their own enquiries into the allegations, revealing that they spent over £5 million in tax-payer's money on their own investigations, a sum that some have questioned for being irresponsible spending.

The corporation spent £2.8m on the Newsnight investigation that looked to shed light on Savile's deprived lifewhen the allegations first surfaced, eventually shelving their investigation and never airing their finding on the late-night news show. The BBC went on to spend an extra £2.5m on further investigations, bringing the total to £5.3m. With the shelved Pollard investigation costing upwards of £80,000, £185,000 in damages being paid after false child abuse allegations were made against Lord McAlpine and some eye-watering six-figure sums being handed out to senior BBC officials throughout the investigation - figures that may be displeasing to some - the BBC has been forced to re-evaluate it's spending.

With the publication of the spending now available to the public, BBC director general Tony Hall has since pledged to bring an end to the bureaucratic and regulatory practices used at the corporation, saying these unnecessary expenses are "inhibiting its [the BBC's] creativity". Hall also pledged to take personal charge of a new review that will aim to "simplify our organisation" following the failed Pollard review into the case, highlighting a need for cultural change at the corporation to prevent further mis-spending. Hall did not mention how much this review would cost the tax payer.

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Rolf Harris Arrested On Suspicion Of Sex Offences After Long Investigation

Rolf Harris Russell Brand Jimmy Savile

Rolf Harris has been arrested by police officers working on Operation Yewtree on suspicion of sex offences. The much-loved 83-year-old TV star and singer was held over historic sex abuse allegations by the police unit set up following the Jimmy Savile scandal. Senior detectives have been investigating Harris for more than four months.

According to The Sun newspaper, officers raided his Berkshire home on November 24 last year, though he was not at home. He was interviewed under caution on November 29 after attending a South London police premises by appointment. Harris continued to perform several concerts following the interview, though was eventually arrested on March 28, two days before his 83rd birthday. 

Scotland Yard said: "An 82-year-old man from Berkshire was arrested by officers on Operation Yewtree on suspicion of sexual offences.He has been bailed to a date in May pending further enquiries. The individual falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed 'others'." Police have refused to give any details of the allegations, though Harris vehemently denies any wrongdoing. Over a million people tuned in on Wednesday night to watch Rolf's Animal Clinic on Channel 5. 

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Jeremy Paxman: BBC’s Peter Rippon Was "the Fall Guy"

Jeremy Paxman Jimmy Savile

Pollard report into the BBC's Savile inquiry show Jeremy Paxman to be hugely critical of the way The BBC treated its then Newsnight editor Peter Rippon. In a set of transcripts, Paxman said he had a "suspicion" Mr Rippon was told he couldn't run the story by someone else within the organisation.

In a fascinating insight, Paxman said it was "very unfair, and frankly not at all untypical, that the BBC has dumped all this on one individual [Rippon]. I think the BBC's behaviour now is almost as contemptible was it was then." Rippon wrote a blog back in early October, in which he gave his reasons for dropping the programme. It was later described as "inaccurate or incomplete in some respects" by the BBC. "He [Rippon] ws being used as the fall guy ... I profoundly disagree with the BBC's refusal to engage with it and to justify or attempt to justify its position,” said Paxman.

Sky news' Nick Pollard compiled the full report, which itself comprises 3,000 pages of emails, interviews and submissions from BBC executives and journalists. The Pollard Review, which concluded in December, surmised that the decision by the BBC's flagship current affairs programme to shelve its probe into sexual abuse claims against the television star was "seriously flawed".

54 Years Of Abuse And No Chance Of Punishment: The Disappointments Of The Jimmy Savile Report

Jimmy Savile

By 1990 Jimmy Savile had been made a knight in his lifetime, as well as given the Roman Catholic's highest honor, the Knight Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great. 22 years later and the man who claimed to 'fix it' for so many children, it turns out, spend 54 years abusing the young and the vulnerable. The report has finally been completed and revealed. 

Savile died in 2011, but as the BBC reports, there was a missed opportunity in 2009 to arrest and prosecute Savile, that was missed. He was interviewed under caution in '09 in relation to three allegations. However, Savile threatened to sue the police. Ms Levitt QC said "had the police and prosecutors taken a different approach" a prosecution could have been possible.

Debbie Curtis, a victim of Savile who has been interviewed by the Telegraph already feels "let down by the way [the case has] been handled." She claims that various institutions "turned the proverbial blind eye"  and that "no one's really answered any questions, except that they agree that he's a criminal, a paedophile." While she claims it has been "a shoddy state of affairs", she concedes that the saving grace of the whole ordeal is that "It's meant that this will be unable to happen in the future... [Firstly] hopefully more victims will speak out, and secondly the CPS and the police will act on things the moment they get a complaint... whether it's a celebrity or not"

Police Clutch Evidence Bags After Searching Jim Davidson's Home

Jim Davidson Jimmy Savile Freddie Starr Gary Glitter Max Clifford

The comedian Jim Davidson has been forced to pull out of Celebrity Big Brother after he was arrested at Heathrow airport in connection with the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal. The entertainer was due to appear on the Channel 5 reality series - which begins tonight (January 3, 2012) - though took the decision to pull out after he was questioned by detectives.

Plain clothes officers searched his £900,000 Georgian home in the Hampshire village of Stockbridge and were seen leaving with plastic evidence bags and brown envelopes. In a statement, the former host of Big Break and The Generation Game said he "vigorously denies" the allegations, which reportedly date back around 25 years. On his blog in October, Davidson wrote, "The Savile witch hunt is going a bit silly now. We all are starting to speculate and accuse ... even in jest. So no, I don't know who's next. Everyone has had the nod. Everyone is an expert. Just pick someone you don't like and say it's them. As odd as he was, Savile can't defend himself. The bloke's dead for God's sake. Let's move on." Other high profile names arrested as part of the investigation into sexual abuse include comedian Freddie Starr, Gary Glitter and Max Clifford. They all strenuously deny the allegations levelled against them. 

David's solicitor Henri Brandman said "Two women have made allegations in respect of Jim that date back approximately 25 years. The complainants were then in their mid-twenties. Jim vigorously denies the allegations."

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Jim Davidson Arrested Under Operation Yewtree, Denies Claims

Jim Davidson Jimmy Savile

As the scandal surrounding child abuse within television institutions continues to unravel in the U.K - brought about by sudden and rife accusations of Jimmy Savile's involvement after his death - Jim Davidson has been arrested as part of operation Yewtree.

The comedian and former gameshow host, according to The Guardian, was arrested as part of the Metropolitan police investigation into alleged sexual offences carried out by Jimmy Savile and others. "Two women have made allegations in respect of Jim that date back approximately 25 years. The complainants were then in their mid 20s," read a statement from his solicitor, Henri Brandman. "Jim vigorously denies the allegations. He answered police questions as fully as he was able after this passage of time," Brandman continues. "He has not been charged with any offence. Neither he nor I will be making any further comment."

Police also arrested a 53-year old man in Hampshire, which takes the total number of people arrested under Operation Yewtree to nine. The Met police said that the latest two arrests fall under the "others" strand of the investigation, which means that the alleged offences are not connected to Savile. "Our officers will continue to investigate allegations made against those who potentially can be brought to justice. More arrests nationally will be forthcoming," said Commander Peter Spindler in December, revealing the extent of the enquiry. 

Jim Davidson Latest Shock Arrest In Jimmy Savile Operation Yewtree Investigation

Jim Davidson Jimmy Savile

As a part of the Jimmy Savile investigation 'Operation Yewtree', Jim Davidson has been the latest to be arrested.

As the Independent reports, the comedian was arrested at his home in Hampshire after plain clothed policeman went inside and drew the curtains on the ground floor. Later police cars showed up to take him away. Neither Davidson's agent, his solicitor, nor Scotland Yard would confirm that the 59 year old arrested today was Davidson. 

He had commented on the investigation before asking for it all to be wrapped up. "Everyone is now an expert. Just pick someone you don't like and say it's them. So I'll be the first one to knock it on the head and belt up. How's about that then?" he wrote on his blog.

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Further Arrests In Jimmy Savile Sex Investigation – Two Men In 50s In Custody

Jimmy Savile

There have been two further arrests in the Scotland Yard’s Yewtree Operation – the sex offence investigation set up as a result of the Jimmy Savile sex scandal. BBC News report that a 53 year old and a 59 year old have been arrested, according to the Metropolitan Police. Officers from Operation Yewtree arrested the 53 year old at 08:00 GMT at an address in Hampshire and the 59 year old was arrested at 12:00 GMT in West London. Both suspects were taken to custody local police stations.

According to police, the arrests were not connected to the allegations made against Jimmy Savile in any way, though it is currently unknown whether or not the men are public figures or not. The Operation Yewtree investigation has been formed with three strands. One is to investigate the claims made against Sir Jimmy Savile. Another is to look at allegations made against Savile and other people as well and a third is to investigate claims made against other people. The two men arrested today are the ninth and tenth to have been arrested as part of operation Yewtree.

Jimmy Savile died aged 84, in 2011. Last year, ITV broadcast a documentary which unveiled allegations of his sexual abuse of underage children. Since the documentary aired, many other similar allegations have also ben made against him. The police have stated that 450 victims have come forward to make allegations about Savile, alone.

Paul Daniels 'Casts Doubt' On Some Of Jimmy Savile's Alleged Victims

Paul Daniels Jimmy Savile

Paul Daniels has caused controversy with a blog suggesting that not all of Jimmy Savile's 450 alleged victims are telling the truth.

We've all had our opinions on the case of the late Jimmy Savile and the numerous child abuse claims that have come through, almost forty years since the events took place. However, the appropriate reaction has been to condemn the man and have sympathy for every one of his 450 victims. Magician Paul Daniels has gone against the grain and published a painfully honest account of his feelings on the allegations and what life was like in the seventies. He mentioned that, while he understood that many of his victims would've kept schtum, he finds that for over 400 of them to have done 'strange'. The Telegraph reported the blog to say, "A bad guy? Undoubtedly, but I have been wondering if all the accusers are for real", he mused on the blog. He said that he isn't even sure if all the girls that chased him at the height of his career were all legal. "Were they all over 16? OMG, I hope so. Can I remember them? No." he said. "Life back then was a blur, and therein lies a major problem with what is going on now. It was 35-40 years ago. How the hell can you say you did or you didn't?"

He has been accused of 'belittling' some of the victims' cases and 'casting doubt' on their evidence by Kidscape. "He should be supporting these people", said former child protection officer Mark Williams Thomas. "The bottom line is they are children who have been abused by adults, it doesn't matter how long ago it was." The blog has since been taken down.

Paul Daniels Questions Jimmy Savile Victims, Accused Of Belittlement

Paul Daniels Jimmy Savile

Paul Daniels has been "wondering if all of [Savile's] accusers are for real". And his claims have, inevitably, come under intense scrutiny from groups concerned with the people affected by the sex abuse scandal, The Telegraph reports. 

"I can fully understand some women not wanting to talk about what happened to them, but for over 400 of them to keep quiet for 40 years seems strange," explained Daniels. "What I do find odd about the stories now emerging however is when a "victim" went on TV and stated that she had gone back to the dressing room quite a few times. A bad guy? Undoubtedly, but I have been wondering if all the accusers are for real." Claude Knight, director of Kidscape, said of the magicians comments: "It is belittling and casting doubt on them, it is the last thing you need when you have found the courage to talk about it. I am worried about people trivialising something so serious."

Mark Williams Thomas - a former child protection officer - who was also involved in an ITV documentary which exposed Savile as a paedophile, said: "For someone like Paul Daniels to come out and belittle victim's evidence that's being given against Jimmy Savile is a disgrace because he [Savile] is proven to be an offender.

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The BBC Are 'Incapable And Chaotic' Says Report On Jimmy Savile Scandal

Jimmy Savile

The BBC's handling of the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal, which included the mismanagement of a Newsnight expose, has been summed up in a report; a report that labels the BBC as "completely incapable" and "chaotic", The Guardian reports.

"This report shows that the level of chaos and confusion was even greater than was apparent at the time. The efforts to get to the truth behind the Savile story proved beyond the combined efforts of the senior management, legal department, corporate communications team and anyone else for well over a month," Nick Pollard, the former head of Sky News, said in a 185-page report. "Leadership and organisation seemed to be in short supply," he continued, adding at a press conference following the report's publication: "There was an element of personal difficulty between the key personalities as well, that's quite shocking in a way. Newsrooms can only operate on the basis of trust and mutual confidence and discussion. A lot of that was missing." One senior BBC executive resigned and another three were moved from their jobs following the publication report, in which he described the scandal as "one of the worst management crises in the BBC's history".

Lord Patten - the chairman of the BBC Trust - said he welcomed the report's findings that there was no cover-up of the Newsnight report, saying it was an allegation that went "right to the heart of the BBC's reputation and integrity". He added that the whole affair suffered a "lack of professional camaraderie and a lack of collegiate behaviour which I find pretty surprising".

Triumphant Return To British Comedy Awards For Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen Jimmy Savile Jack Whitehall Julia Davis

Sacha Baron Cohen was one of the stars at last night’s British Comedy Awards, winning the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Back in 1999, he won the Best Male Comedy Newcomer award at the very same awards event. In those 13 years, he has made himself not just a household name in Britain, but a global star as well, with movies such as Borat and The Dictator.

In the UK of course, he made his name as Ali G and he was dressed as the iconic character when he collected his accolade, joking about his gold tracksuit: “lot has changed in ten years, times are tough. I've even had to start getting my tracksuits from second hand clothes shops.” He then turned round to reveal the word ‘Savile’ on the back, in reference to the disgraced former BBC presenter Jimmy Savile.

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Jimmy Savile Investigation Update: More Arrests On The Way In Operation Yewtree

Jimmy Savile

Since the shocking revelation of Jimmy Savile's sordid lifestyle abusing young people, throughout his entire career, there have been hundreds of accusations against him as well as many other celebrities for similar crimes. A senior police officer has revealed that there have been 31 rape charges made against Savile and almost 200 crimes that span the country, reports the Guardian.

Commander Peter Spindler has revealed that 450 people have made allegations against Savile, with a further 139 against other celebrities. "Our officers will continue to investigate allegations made against those who potentially can be brought to justice. More arrests nationally will be forthcoming," he said. "Our response should send a clear warning to anyone today now in a position of power and influence who abuse their status to sexually exploit children and young people: victims will be listened to and robust action taken." He also warned that there will be more arrests to come.

82% of the victims were women, and 80% of those who came forward claimed that the incidents occurred while they were children or adolescents. Arrests have already included Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr, Dave Lee Travis, Wilfred De'Ath and most recently Max Clifford.  

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Update: Jimmy Savile Accused Of 31 Instances Of Rape

Jimmy Savile Gary Glitter

The rape claims against the late Jimmy Savile total up to 31, police have reported. According to the statement made by Scotland Yard officials, so far 589 people have come forward with information and a total of 450 complaints have been made, mainly citing sexual abuse. Of the alleged victims, 82% were women and 80% were children or young people at the time of the reported incidents. The investigation has been going on for 10 weeks and new information keeps coming in. Savile is currently a suspect on 31 rape counts in 7 police force areas, AFP reports.

All of the accusations against Savile span 17 force areas in total. The avalanche is dragging in more and more people, with Operation Yewtree having resulted in the detainment of seven suspects and aiding in the arrest of three more nationwide. “More arrests will be forthcoming,” a representative of Scotland Yard stated. The former pop star Gary Glitter is among those arrested and has later been released on bail.

The Operation Yewtree investigation is focused in three main areas: claims against Savile himself, claims against Savile and others, as well as claims solely against other people. Scotland Yard is preparing to release a report on the entire operation sometime in 2013. The reputation of the BBC has also been brought into question, as they were Savile's employer for the length of time that the former TV personality's alleged offences took place.

Operation Yewtree: Man Arrested In London For Sexual Offences, Unrelated To Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile Freddie Starr Max Clifford Gary Glitter

Another arrest has been made in relation to Operation Yewtree; the widespread police investigation into alleged sexual offences, sparked by the revelations regarding Jimmy Savile’s alleged former crimes against underage girls throughout his career at the BBC. According to BBC News, a man in his 60s was arrested at 6:45am (December 10, 2012) on suspicion of sexual offences and taken to a South London police station. He has been bailed until next month.

The man arrested today is the seventh to have been questioned as part of the operation and is the sixth to have been arrested. Some of those men have been high profile public figures, such as the DJ Dave Lee Travis, the comedian Freddie Starr, the PR consultant Max Clifford and the former TV presenter Wilfred De’Ath. They have all denied any wrongdoing. The musician Gary Glitter was also arrested but has not yet made a statement.

Operation Yewtree is divided into three strands: offences related to Jimmy Savile, offences related to Jimmy Savile and others and offences unrelated to Savile. Today's arrest, according to Scotland Yard, was “not connected to the allegations made against the late BBC presenter.” The identity of the man arrested today has not been revealed by Scotland Yard.

Jimmy Savile Operation Yewtree Arrest Number 5: Max Clifford

Max Clifford Jimmy Savile

Max Clifford was arrested this morning at 7:40am in relation to the Jimmy Saville investigation, named Operation Yewtree, reports the Independent. Clifford has been at the centre of celebrity media controversy for years, it is in fact, what brought him fame in the first place. He has been vocal about the manipulation of the media to the advantage of his clients and their publicity. 

He has already claimed to be at the centre of the Jimmy Savile saga, saying that many celebs had come to him to "keep him in the picture." At the time he said, "It is a situation which could easily turn into a witch hunt, a lot of big stars are frightened.. Where is it going to end?" And in response to whether he was "compromising himself" by working alongside people that may have been involved in sex with underage people, he said: "It's very simple - I am very close friends with a lot of these people and have been for 40 to 50 years. They know I'm in the middle of the media world, so I'm the first person that they turn to, not just on this subject but lots of subjects."

While many people remain surprised by the amount of high public figures that have been named and shamed in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, it seems to have opened the floodgates for justice, reflected in the mass outpouring of confessions from victims of sexual assault spanning 50 years or more, who finally recognise that being the actions of those men against their will was wrong. With protests against slut shaming as well as the outrage against the shooting of Malala Yousufzai after she spoke in favour of education for women, it appears that women's rights, bodily, sexually and intellectually, are further on the way to being given the appropriate recognition and respect that they deserve.

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Arrested: Max Clifford Investigated Over Historic Sex Offences - Did He Implicate Himself?

Max Clifford Jimmy Savile

Max Clifford has become the latest public figure to have been arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, the police investigation into the Jimmy Savile sex scandal. BBC News have reported that Scotland Yard confirmed that officers had arrested a man in his 60s “on suspicion of sexual offences” and had taken him to a central police station. He is the sixth person to be arrested as part of Operation Yewtree.

The investigation, launched by the Metropolitan Police, has been divided into three main strands. Firstly, police are looking into allegations of historic sex offences made against Jimmy Savile. Secondly, allegations against Savile and other people. Thirdly, they are looking into sex offences made against other people, unconnected to the investigations into Jimmy Savile. Scotland Yard confirmed that the man arrested today (December 6, 2012) was arrested under the latter stream of investigations. Clifford was reportedly arrested at his home in Surrey at 7:40am, in relation to historic sex offences and was taken to a London police station.

Clifford is considered to be one of the most influential people working in the British media and is often referred to as a ‘PR guru.’ Five people have now been arrested as part of Operation Yewtree and a sixth has been questioned. The response to the news has quickly seen both “Operation Yewtree” and “Max Clifford” become trending topics on Twitter. The blogger Guido Fawkes referred back to a Sky News interview when Clifford said that in the 1960s, people “never asked anybody for a birth certificate,” when it came to sexual relations. 

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Police Quizzing 'Mystery Man' About Jimmy Savile Abuse Claims

Jimmy Savile Gary Glitter Freddie Starr

The Metropolitan Police are believed to be holding talks with a 'mystery man' into the ongoing child abuse claims against the late Jimmy Savile.

Police are remaining tight-lipped on the identity of the latest person to be brought into talks relating to the claims of sexual abuse stretching for more than half a century, although it is known that the mystery person is an OAP in his 80s.

The police meeting with the unknown man took place at Scotland Yard yesterday (Nov 29) and lasted until just after 5pm, with the Met telling the press afterwards that the suspect, from Berkshire, was allowed to return home after the interrogation. The man's questioning is related to a wider investigation looking into claims of child abuse and other such offences not solely related to the Savile case.

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Sir Paul McCartney On Jimmy Savile: "There Was Something A Little Bit Suspect"

Sir Paul McCartney Jimmy Savile

Sir Paul McCartney has told The Independent that he always reckoned that the late Jimmy Savile was always “a little suspect” during the period that he and the rest of The Beatles knew him.

The two parties were friends in the 60's, with Savile apparently going on tour with the Fab Four during their early days as a successful band. However, whilst friends McCartney claimed they always had their suspicions about him, recalling one instance when he wouldn’t let him into his house for a night cap. "We dropped him off at his place outside his house and we said, 'Can we come in for a coffee', and he said, 'Oh no, not tonight lads,’” said the Liverpudlian. "When he'd gone we thought, 'Why doesn't he let us in? What is it?' because most people would have let us in that we gave a lift to. So we always thought there was something a little bit suspect” he added.

The Beatles star was quick to assure the interviewer that they of course didn’t go anywhere near underage girls, though he did say "We tried to make sure, we couldn't always be sure. But there was a definite no-no involved in underage kids.” Thankfully for the group they seemed to have enough legal attention to worry too much. "Hey listen, we didn't have to worry. There were plenty of over 16-year-olds” he quipped.

Can Lord Tony Hall Regain Public Respect In The BBC?

Jimmy Savile

Can Lord Hall of Birkenhead turn around the fortunes of the BBC, as he did with the Royal Opera House?

Lord Patten, the BBC Trust chairman had approached Tony Hall earlier in the year, before George Entwhistle took the post, thinking that he would be a great candidate for the job of the BBC’s Director General. At the time Hall had his hands full with the Cultural Olympiad and also felt the post would be better suited to someone younger.

Since then, the BBC’s reputation has experienced a serious blow; thanks in no small part to the Jimmy Savile sex scandal that has plagued the organisation for weeks now. Hall was considered an excellent choice for the post, thanks to the 30 years he spent working there, before leaving to work at the Royal Opera House; the prefect combination of an insider’s knowledge and an outsider’s detachment.

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Sir Paul McCartney: 'Suspect' Jimmy Savile Never Let Us Inside His Home

Sir Paul McCartney Beatles Jimmy Savile

Sir Paul McCartney has broken his silence on the Jimmy Savile sex scandal, claiming that the DJ refused to let The Beatles inside his home, despite the Fab Four giving him a lift home on numerous occasions. McCartney told The Independent newspaper that he always considered Savile "a bit suspect."

While touring around the UK, The Beatles spent time with the disgraced DJ and charity worker and often chauffeured him around. "When he'd gone we thought why doesn't he let us in, what is it, because most people would have let us in that we gave a lift to", McCartney explained, adding, "So we always thought there was something a little bit suspect." Sir Paul is probably the most high profile musician to speak out about time spent with Savile, though he described the era and sixties scene as not as politically correct as today. "We knew with under 16s it was illegal, so we didn't do it," he said, "There was a definite no-no involved in underage kids." Good to hear Paul! The comments were echoed by veteran television presenter Sir Bruce Forsythe, who told The Sun he had "never liked" Savile, adding, ""There was something about him that was difficult to like. It wasn't because he was so brash about everything - it wasn't that. He had this manner that you thought, 'What is behind this man?' Now we know what was behind it all - which is terrible to find out." 

Scotland Yard has launched a full investigation into the sexual abuse by Savile and others after an ITV documentary was broadcast on October 3, 2012. So far, detectives have identified about 300 potential victims. 

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Dave Lee Travis: This Is Nothing To Do With Kids, All Right?

Jimmy Savile

Dave Lee Travis - the former BBC presenter - has denied any wrongdoing after he was arrested by detectives investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal. Speaking outside his own in Bedfordshire following his release, Travis stressed that allegations against him had "nothing to do with kids," reports The Independent. 

The 67-year-old made it clear that he did not want his name associated with "bloody evil" child abuse, adding, "This is nothing to do with kids, all right? That's the first thing. Because that to me is the most important thing in the world and I do not wish to have my name sullied around something that bloody evil, to be honest." Travis, who also hosted the BBC's Top of the Pops programme, explained, "I'm going to make one thing extremely clear to you, and I'd be really obliged if you all make sure that this gets into your articles and gets on to the television and you don't leave this bit out - the Savile probe is nothing to do with things I've been talking to the police about." Scotland Yard has split its inquiry into three strands: those directly related to Savile, those involving Savile, and those it referred to as "others." Speaking further about the details of his arrest, Travis somewhat unnervingly adding, "So let's get down to brass tacks here - the first thing is I've been talking to the police about sexual... I can't even remember what the word is now - in the old days it was called 'putting your arm around somebody and giving them a cuddle' but nowadays God knows."

His comments come after Travis' weekend radio show was taken off air "with immediate effect" by Magic AM following his arrest.

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'I'm No Sex Pest': Freddie Starr Unable To Be Alone With HIs Children

Freddie Starr Jimmy Savile

Freddie Starr has told The Daily Mirror that he has been left feeling suicidal after his connection to the Jimmy Savile sex scandal has resulted in him being unable to spend time alone with his own children.

Karin Ward, 52, told police that she was groped by Starr in Savile’s BBC dressing room, in 1974, when she was just 14. Freddie was arrested just days after Gary Glitter was also hauled in by police, on similar grounds.

Talking to the British newspaper, Freddie continued to protest his innocence and said “My life is ruined. I feel so desperate at times I want to go and end it all. It’s heartbreaking because I’m totally innocent. It makes me feel suicidal. I don’t think I can ever work again – how can I put a comedy face on after this?” The 69 year-old comedian is described as looking “dishevelled.” Starr currently lives with his 34 year-old fiancée, Sophie and their two young children, in Studley, Warwickshire but if Sophie has to go out, Freddie is not allowed to be left alone with them.

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Is Jimmy Savile's Highland Cottage In Line For Demolition?

Jimmy Savile

A Highland councillor has begun discussing plans to demolish a cottage that belonged to the disgraced BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, in Glencoe.

The cottage has become the target of vandalism, since the Jimmy Savile scandal broke and Andrew Baxter, the local councillor for the area, feels that the local community would benefit from the demolition of the building.

Talking to BBC Radio Scotland, Mr Baxter explained “There has been lots of talk of alternative uses such as a respite centre, or perhaps a mountain centre to get disabled people into our hills. But I feel rather uneasy about some of those options especially considering some of the revelations we have seen in recent weeks. If it was the opinion in the local community but to erase the memories of Savile in the glen then perhaps demolition is the only option.” The cottage was originally going to be sold after Savile’s death, but his charitable trust halted the plans, stating that they wished to convert it into a respite centre for the disabled. However, that charity has now closed down, in the wake of the scandal.

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Jimmy Savile Chauffeur Arrested Over Sixties Rape

Jimmy Savile

The former chauffeur and flatmate of Jimmy Savile, Ray Teret, has been arrested in connection with rape allegations dating back to the sixties but police insist it is NOT related to the ongoing investigations into the numerous sexual abuse claims made against Savile.

The ex-support DJ and friend of Savile, 71, was taken into custody at his six-bedroomed Cheshire property along with his current lodger Alan Ledger, 61, after three different accusations of sexual assault came to police attention.'I want to make it absolutely clear that this is not an investigation into the late Jimmy Savile, nor do any of the allegations relate to any involvement by Savile', said Detective Inspector Simon Davies of the Greater Manchester Police. 'The victims who have come forward have shown tremendous courage. We have a duty to investigate their complaints thoroughly.'

According to a spokesperson for the police, the pair have since been bailed until November 29th 2012 while further investigations are made. The allegations come after the late TV and radio presenter and charity worker Sir Jimmy Savile was posthumously accused of sexual abuse on over 300 underage girls and boys during his years on the radio and his 'Jim'll Fix It' program.

Disgraced Jimmy Savile Was Questioned Over Yorkshire Ripper Murders

Jimmy Savile

A former West Yorkshire police detective has revealed that Jimmy Savile was once questioned in relation to an allegation that he may have been the Yorkshire Ripper.

Though the claims turned out not to be true (Peter Sutcliffe was famously convicted in 1981 of the string of murders in and around Leeds). John Stainthorpe, now 80, told how the now-disgraced and deceased BBC TV presenter Savile was brought in for questioning over the murders, after a member of the public telephoned the police and suggested him as a suspect.

“Obviously it was not him, but he was interviewed along with many others, as you can appreciate,” Stainthorpe told the Daily Record,  adding “He was interviewed along with thousands of others and gave an explanation for where he had been at the time of the murders. Knowing what is known now, the person putting forward Savile was aiming in the right direction because child perverts soon become child killers.” One of Sutclife’s victims, Irene Richardson, had been murdered a short way from Savile’s penthouse in Leeds.

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Freddie Starr Returns To Police Station, Questioned In Relation To Jimmy Savile Sex Abuse

Jimmy Savile Freddie Starr

The TV entertainer Freddie Starr has been recalled to a police station, so that they can further question him regarding allegations of sexual offences, in relation to the ongoing Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, Sky News report today (November 2, 2012). Though Starr has strenuously denied any involvement in the scandal - and has publicly denounced Savile, for the allegations that have been made against him - Karin Ward has accused Starr of molesting her in 1974.

Ward was the primary interviewee in the ITV documentary that initially exposed Savile’s history of the sexual abuse of minors. She appeared on the BBC show Clunk Click in 1974, alongside Freddie Starr and Jimmy Savile and has alleged that Starr touched her inappropriately at the BBC studio. Initially, Freddie Starr denied appearing on the show. However, it was quickly proven that he did in fact appear on the show, at which point his lawyer issued a statement to say that Mr Starr had been “mistaken” and that he now admitted to having been on the show.

Today, The Guardian also reports that BBC producers “had doubts” about the TV presenter Jimmy Savile as far back as the 1960s. “Savile was thought to be dodgy, there was a feeling he was heavy, you didn't cross him, he was a heavy dude,” said Paul Jackson, the producer of shows such as The Young Ones and Red Dwarf.

Jimmy Savile's Nephew: Celebrities, Film Stars And Politicians Are All Involved

Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile's family say they do not want "a penny" of his money after the late presenter's estate was frozen in response to mounting sex abuse claims against him. Relatives of Savile, who died last year, say funds from his £4.3 million estate should go to "genuine victims" of the lives his destroyed.

His nephew Guy Marsden, a roofer from Leeds, said he and his family did not expect or want the BBC star's money. "I don't want a penny of it. I don't deserve this money." Marsden told the Evening Standard that he attended several parties as a teenager where young children were encouraged to have sex with celebrities, including film stars and politicians. "I am ashamed of him and we now know he was a monster. His poison is still spreading and if genuine victims of his received some money, I think it could help them." Natwest Bank, who acted as executor and trustee of Savile' estate said, "Given the claims raised, distribution of the estate has been put on hold." The presenter's will named 26 beneficiaries with £20,000 to be shared between 20 friends, family and neighbours. Eight people were to share the interest from £600,000 in a trust fund. The remaining £3.7 million was to be held on behalf of The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust.

Scotland Yard is leading a national investigation into Savile's sex abuse, with more than 300 potential victims thought to have come forward.

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Jimmy Savile Given Keys To Leeds Hospital Building For Late Night Visits

Jimmy Savile

Sir Jimmy Savile was regularly given the keys to a Leeds hospital building where he would arrive with teenage girls in the early hours. An ex-porter told the BBC that Savile would take girls to the nurses' accommodation and leave before dawn.

Leeds General Infirmary said there was no records of complaints against Savile during the time he was working there, though police are now probing claims the TV star abused around 300 youngsters. Former porter Terry Pratt said he became suspicious when Savile began arriving in the middle of the night in the late 1980s with teenage girls who seemed "star struck." He said Savile would arrive at about 1am or 2am, spending a couple of hours there and drop the keys back about 5am. "He would go up and see the lad on the desk [and he would say] 'Here's the key, Jim, make sure I get it back.' He'd take the key and... would walk out and the two women would follow him towards the nurses' home." Mr Pratt said he did not report Savile's behaviour at the time, though would be willing to speak further with police. "We daren't... we were in awe of him to be honest," he added.

Earlier this month, a former Broadmoor Hospital patient claimed Savile had the keys to the hospital and was given his own room during the 1970s.

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Jimmy Savile Was Banned From Children In Need For 'Suspicious Behaviour'

Jimmy Savile

Whilst the disturbing revelations into Jimmy Savile’s life are still a relatively new phenomena for the majority of the population, a former BBC executive has admitted that the disgraced former star was in fact banned from recordings of Children in Need, owing to his suspicious behaviour.

Sir Roger Jones OBE, who served as chairman of Children in Need until 2002 has said of Savile recently, "He was a creepy sort of character - we didn't want him anywhere near the charity."

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The First Of Many: Gary Glitter Is Arrested In Connection With The Jimmy Savile Case

Gary Glitter Jimmy Savile

Today, the BBC reports that Gary Glitter has been arrested in connection with the Jimmy Savile investigation. It was only a matter of time before someone living experienced consequences of the disturbing allegations that have recently come to light about the late TV personality, and others.

The police have not confirmed that the man is Gary Glitter, however they did release a statement confirming that they had "arrested a man in his 60s in connection with the investigation. The man, from London, was arrested at approximately 7:15 BST on suspicion of sexual offences. The individual falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed 'Savile and others". This report  coincides with Glitter seen "being taken away from his home". Gary Glitter has already served a term in prison in Vietnam for sex offences.

As the investigation continues, Harriet Harman, Deputy Labour Party leader, called for a judge-led inquiry on the Andrew Marr Show. "The trouble is that there are a multiplicity of inquiries. What we need is one over-arching inquiry." She said, "It should be independent because there are big lessons to be learned here, not just for the BBC, although the epicentre of it was at the BBC." As the police's investigation continues, as does the current BBC inquiry, judge Dame Janet Smith will review the BBC's culture and practices during Savile's lifetime, as well as their current sexual harassment policies. The arrest of Gary Glitter is expected to be the first of many, in what appears to be a long-standing problem with sexual harassment and under-age grooming occurring within the BBC and other institutions.

The Case Against Jimmy Savile: What Can The Police And Victims Hope To Achieve?

Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile's abuse of young people, particularly females, over his 50 year career are almost indisputable now. Police are following up 400 lines of enquiry and over 300 people have come forward to confess that they, too, had suffered at the hands of the depraved television personality. However, with Savile now dead what do the victims and police hope to achieve? Are others in line to be punished? Who now stands in the firing line? Who gets hit with the dispersed shrapnel of this distressing explosion of abuse and blame? 

The New York Times reports that Commander Spindler, of Scotland Yard, said that the "vast majority" of complaints were against Savile alone, and only a handful against others, and no evidence of a 'paedophile ring' as has been reported elsewhere. The BBC reports that "investigations are looking at those who may have assisted Savile, helped organise abuse, cover it up or taken part in assaults themselves." They also say that they have spent a further 9 hours interviewing Karin Ward, who was a key figure in the footage released in the BBC1 Panorama show last Monday (22nd Oct 2012) that was originally shot for a Newsnight report that was never aired. 

Commander Spindler is clearly taking all allegations very seriously, and respecting everyone that is coming forwards, "This may be the first time that some people have actually spoken in any detail, and we don't underestimate how significant an event it is for them to disclose sexual abuse," he said. "We have to believe what they are saying, because they are saying the same thing independently." 

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New York Times Chairman Sends New CEO A Voice Of Support Amid Jimmy Savile Scandal

Jimmy Savile

Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the New York Times chairman and publisher today publically backed the incoming chief executive and former BBC Director General, Mark Thompson, who has been heavily implicated in the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal, after his decision not to air a revealing documentary. 

"In the months leading to our decision to bring Mark to the Times Co., Michael Golden, our vice chairman, and I, along with the rest of our board of directors, got to know Mark very well," said Sulzberger in a letter to his staff. "Our opinion was then and remains now that he possesses high ethical standards and is the ideal person to lead our company." Sulzberger finished the letter by saying that the Times would continue to cover the Savile story "with objectivity and rigor" after Thompson starts work at the Times on Nov. 12.

The Savile case still continues to unravel in the UK, and is taking over the country as new evidence comes to light every day. Today, Commander Peter Spindler of London's Metropolitan Police said police have so far spoken to 130 of the alleged victims and documented 114 alleged crimes of sexual assault or serious sexual assault, according to The Wall Street Journal, who also report that a staggering 300 young girls and boys have been victim to Savile’s reported abuse. Stay close to Contact Music for more in the coming weeks. 

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Original Jimmy Savile Police File To Be Reviewed By Crown Prosecution Service

Jimmy Savile

The director of public prosecutions has revealed that they will review the original police file sent to the Crown Prosecution Service related to Jimmy Savile’s alleged sexual activities.

The files were sent in 2009 to the CPS, but for some reason they chose not to look into the matter seriously; it’s been one of potentially multiple incidents where the case of Savile's alleged abuse has been brushed under the carpet. A Panorama investigation scheduled to air last year was shelved upon the DJ, promoter and television presenter’s death. However, recent weeks have seen a slew of information come to light about the activities of Savile, and as because of this, the CPS will go back and look at the evidence.

Speaking to the Houses of Parliament, British Prime Minister David Cameron commented "The director of public prosecutions has confirmed that his principal legal adviser will again review the papers from the time when a case was put to the CPS for prosecution," Cameron added.

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Newsnight Savilegate Is The Cause Of 'Regret And Embarrassment' To BBC And George Entwhistle

Jimmy Savile

Last night, a Panorama special, based on the rising allegations against Jimmy Savile and the BBC, aired on BBC1 and attempted to shed light on the story, as well as try to uncover why the Jimmy Savile investigation went un-aired on Newsnight late last year.

The program showed before unseen footage and interviews with ex-BBC employees and some of Savile's victims, most notably Karin Ward, who bravely spoke to Newsnight while she was battling cancer during 2011. She was understandably infuriated by the cancellation of the program. “I went through all that stress when I needed to concentrate on getting well” She said “...and then they didn't use it”.

Today in response to all the allegations, as well as the rising heat on the BBC, Director General George Entwhistle was grilled by MPs for a full two hours in further attempts to understand what went wrong. Sky reports him describing Savile as a "skilful and successful sexual predator who covered his tracks”. He said "There's no question that what Jimmy Savile did and the way the BBC behaved ... the culture and practices of the BBC seems to allow Jimmy Savile to do what he did, will raise questions of trust for us and reputation for us. It is a gravely serious matter and one cannot look back at it with anything but horror that his activities went on as long as they did undetected. Of course, that is a matter of grave regret to me. It does go to the heart of the question of the BBC’s own integrity and trust in the BBC."

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Panorama On Jimmy Savile- How Jim'll Fix It Broke The BBC.

Jimmy Savile

The Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal has occupied the time, energy, thoughts and emotions of thousands over the past month, since ITV1's 'Exposure' documentary was released regarding Savile's decades of abuse. This show has escalated far beyond the scale that anyone saw coming. Numerous institutions around the UK are now under investigation by the police and by independent sources, most notably: the BBC. Last night (22nd Oct. 2012) BBC's Panorama attempted to be candid about Savile and his role and relationships within the BBC, and anchored to the cancelled Newsnight exposé revolved around the allegations against Savile, spiralling outward in ever increasing and disturbing circles. Leading to one, very upsetting phrase, and as yet unsubstantiated claim: "paedophile ring at the BBC."

The Panorama show interviewed various employees and ex-employees of the BBC who were around and aware of Savile in his hey-day. Although it has been reported throughout the media that various members of the BBC knew what was going on, the scale of it, as seen in last night's program, is astonishing. Martin Young, who was a reporter for Nationwide, an old BBC series, said that he once found Savile in bed with a young girl, fully clothed, and it was at that point that his suspicions and fears were confirmed, but that it "never even crossed [his] mind" to report it.

Karin Ward, who had been a patient at Duncroft School for vulnerable girls, was a key component of the Newsnight program which was cancelled last year. Ward was interviewed in mid 2011 while she was suffering with cancer. She said: "I had been pushed so hard to do it" while suffering with cancer "I went through all that stress when I needed to concentrate on getting well... and then they didn't use it". It was her testimony that was the most difficult and disturbing to listen to. She spoke of Savile's requests for oral sex in exchange for a change to be a part of one of his shows. She also spoke about Gary Glitter having sex with a young girl in Savile's dressing room while there were many other people in the room who must have seen.

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'Newsnight' Presenter Jeremy Vine: "Jimmy Savile Possibly One Of The Most Serious Predatory Paedophiles In History"

Jimmy Savile

Former 'Newsnight' presenter Jeremy Vine has become the latest current BBC employee to speak out over the alleged acts of Sir Jimmy Savile. Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Vine was asked his thoughts on recent allegations that suggest the former promoter, DJ and TV presenter molested underage girls during his time at the BBC.

"The fact that a person was using his BBC prestige and maybe even BBC dressing rooms to attack young children I find completely disgusting as a father of two young daughters" fumed Vine, according to The Telegraph. "I cannot believe that it happened for such a sustained period that we may be looking at one of the most serious predatory paedophiles in criminal history - and he was on our doorstep. I find it disgusting."

'Newsnight' were supposed to run an expose on Savile last year before the star's death; Vine didn't work for the program them then, but said: "I think we do need to find out what happened. If the material they shelved was the same material that ITV put out that is very serious - but I am not sure it was. The big story is if there was any kind of link up between the hagiographies on BBC 1 and the exposes on BBC 2. I think this was a case of the organisation being somewhat dislocated."

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Why On Earth Did Jimmy Savile Have The Keys To Broadmoor?

Jimmy Savile

The allegations against Sir Jimmy Savile continue to pile up by the day, with new claims suggesting the late BBC star had a set of keys to the high-security hospital Broadmoor, giving him access to patients' rooms.

One woman told The Sun that Savile assaulted her at the age of 13 while she and other girls watched television at the Berkshire hospital. "I felt absolutely disgusting afterwards - like I had been used as a piece of meat for his sexual gratification," said victim Alison Pink, who has since undergone a sex change. Broadmoor is now in the hands of the West London Mental Health NHS Trust, who say the allegations relate to a time when the institution was run as a separate organisation and that security arrangements have changed significantly since. Worryingly, allegations against Savile - who died last year - are cropping up across the country with North Yorkshire Police having forwarded a claim of abuse, Lancashire Police receiving two allegations, Tayside Police reporting one and West Yorkshire Police looking into several cases.

Scotland Yard, who called Savile a "predatory sex offender" this week, are investigating allegations of both rape and indecent assault.

Fourth TV Celebrity Implicated In Jimmy Savile Sex Abuse Scandal

Jimmy Savile Gary Glitter Freddie Starr

A fourth, un-named British celebrity has been implicated in the Jimmy Savile sex scandal.

Last week, ITV screened a documentary about the former TV star’s alleged abuse of underage and vulnerable children and since then, further allegations of abuse have been made by Savile’s alleged victims. Savile himself died last year, though both Gary Glitter, 68 (already known as a child sex offender) and Freddie Starr, 69 have been accused of being connected, in some way, to Savile’s abuse. Starr has strenuously denied any involvement.

The new TV celebrity to have been implicated in the allegations is also still alive, the Telegraph reports, though their identity has so far not been revealed. A member of the documentary’s production team said “We have had a name given to us which is so far not in the public domain. It relates to a celebrity, a media personality, who is alive. We are urging everyone who contacts us to go straight to the police.” Ten different police forces have been supplied with information regarding Jimmy Savile’s; the latest accusations reveal that he may have abused sick children at both Broadmoor and Leeds General Infirmary Hospitals.

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Abuse Scandal Update: Jimmy Savile Accused Of Abusing Sick Children At Leeds General Infirmary

Jimmy Savile

The Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal continues to rock the UK. The latest addition to the disturbingly widespread set of allegations stem from Leeds General Infirmary and Broadmoor, as the Leeds hospital received an official complaint about the erstwhile TV star’s behaviour.

The Guardian reports that June Thornton was recovering from an operation at Leeds General Infirmary, where Savile was doing charity work, when she saw him abuse a fellow patient. "She had brain damage, and Jimmy Savile came in and kissed her," she told Sky News. "He started kissing her neck, running his hands up and down her arms, and then started to molest her. Because I was laid flat on my back, there was nothing I could do." This is one of two complaints received by the infirmary after allegations that Savile sexually assaulted teenage girls became public. The Metropolitan police said its investigation into allegations against Savile would include hospitals where he had volunteered.

Unfortunately, claims from hospitals keep appearing. A former patient Laura from Evesham in Worcestershire told BBC Radio 5 how Savile would do "ward rounds" and take children to a private room. “I just remember people saying 'I wonder which one of us would be the 'chosen one' to go to his 'little room'. I remember the nurses tucking me in saying. 'The best thing you can do is stay in bed, don't ask to be put in your wheelchair today and pretend to be asleep.'” We don’t expect this story to go away anytime soon, as a full investigation into the BBC to ascertain the facts surrounding Savile’s alleged behaviour is set to get underway.

Sir Jimmy Savile Handpicked Hospital Patients To Abuse, Nurse Claims

Jimmy Savile

The late DJ Jimmy Savile's headstone was broken up and sent to landfill this week as allegations against the broadcaster begin to grow.. Savile allegedly handpicked certain patients on "ward rounds" at Buckinghamshire hospital who he would subsequently abuse at his flat on the site, a former nurse has revealed. Young patients would "pretend to be asleep" so as not to be picked by the Yorkshire-born star, reports The Telegraph.

The claims come as police forces work tirelessly to wade through the seemingly endless allegations that have been made against Savile since an ITV exposure documentary was aired last week. Though the BBC initially remained cautious on the allegations, it has since opened up a full investigation, while Scotland Yard has described Savile as a "predatory sex offender." His list of alleged victims currently stands at around 30, though that figure is likely to swell dramatically in the coming weeks. Savile, whose headstone was removed from his resting place in Scarborough, is thought to have molested girls in his dressing room at the BBC, though is also accused of preying on young people in schools, children's homes and hospitals. A former patient at Stoke Mandeville, Rebecca Owen told BBC News, "It was an air of resignation that you had to put up with.There was some sort of ironic chatter between them (patients) about who would be the lucky one to go off to his room.And then as one of the nurses was leaving or passing by my bed she leant over and said the best thing you can do is stay in bed until he's gone and pretend to be asleep."

A café at Buckinghamshire hospital named after Savile is likely to change its name. Sylvia Nicol, a trustee said, "I feel sad, really. I feel bereaved, really, and just so unhappy.I only know that in 38 years I did not see anything like that and if you did you would report it immediately."

Jimmy Savile Scandal: Freddie Starr Accused Of Groping Teen In BBC Dressing Room

Freddie Starr Jimmy Savile

Freddie Starr has described Sir Jimmy Savile as “despicable.” The comedian Freddie Starr has been implicated in the latest string of allegations about Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse against underage girls. Sophie Lea, 34, has waived her right to anonymity and has accused Starr of “groping” her in Jimmy Savile’s BBC dressing room, during the filming of an episode of ‘Clunk Click,’ The Press Association reports. She also claims to have been sexually abused by Savile.

Starr strongly refutes Sophie’s claims, though his initial insistence that he was not even at the recording of the show were proved wrong when Channel 4 News showed him clearly on the show, sitting just a short way from Ms Ward. After that discovery was made, Starr claimed that he could not remember being on the show, because he had been on so many but insists that he would “never ever ever touch an underage girl” and states that he never allowed people into his dressing room. When asked what he thought of Jimmy Savile, Freddie Starr said “I think he's abused his position. Despicable. There's no words to say about what that man's done and the way he conducted himself. That man's disgusting.”

Starr then claimed that he was suffering from palpitations, as a result of the ensuing media storm and was having to go to hospital for a check-up. He described Ms Lea’s claims as “false accusations” and said that he wants to be interviewed by police, to clear his name.

Abuse Allegations Disgust Jimmy Savile's Nephew

Jimmy Savile

The nephew of the late broadcaster Sir Jimmy Savile has spoken to The Telegraph, and is ''disgusted and disappointed'' that allegations his uncle sexually abused school girls have been made.

“I just get so disgusted and disappointed by it. The guy hasn't been dead for a year yet and they're bringing these stories out,” explained Roger Foster. “It could affect his legacy, his charity work, everything. I'm very sad and disgusted,” he continued. One of Mr Foster’s biggest grievances is Savile’s inability to defend himself under these claims. ''I just think it's very, very sad you can say these things after someone's died and the law says you can't defend yourself when you're dead.'' Sir Jimmy, who was famous for TV shows like Jim'll Fix It and Top Of The Pops as well as being a DJ on Radio One, died at his home in Leeds on October 29 last year, aged 84. His knighthood, which offers up the prefix of ‘Sir’ to his name, is now in jeopardy amidst these fresh claims. Given Mr Foster’s public words on the matters, he will be under intense scrutiny should a judicial case ensue, and the allegations prove to be founded in truth.

Exposure: The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile was shown on ITV1 last Wednesday (October , and given the BBC’s recent shelving of their own Savile documentary, millions are expected to tune in.

Sir Jimmy's 'Savile View' Footpath Sign Removed In Scarborough

Jimmy Savile

As the allegations against the late Sir Jimmy Savile continue to swell, residents of the Yorkshire coastal town of Scarborough were probably relived to see the back of 'Savile View' - a footpath named after the television presenter.

The local council were given no choice but to remove a sign marking the footpath this week. It's the latest tribute to the entertainer to be removed in the area, with a plaque outside Savile's former home taken down last week after it was defaced and vandalised. Bill Chatt, a Scarborough Borough Council cabinet member, told the BBC, "The revelations last week made us aware this was a big issue for the borough and we decided to remove the signs until the investigation by the Metropolitan Police is concluded." Sir Jimmy had a long-association with the town and was buried in Scarborough following his death in October 2011. "I think he saw this as his spiritual home. I was shocked when I heard so many people on television saying 'we knew he was a wrong 'un' when we had thought he was a good 'un."

Security at the cemetery in which Savile is buried has been stepped up in recent days after an ITV exposure documentary claimed he had sexually abused several underage girls during his career. The allegations are as yet unproved, though police have launched an investigation.

Sir Jimmy Savile Branded A ‘National Disgrace’

Jimmy Savile Freddie Starr Janet Street Porter Gary Glitter

Sir Jimmy Savile has been branded a “national disgrace” by comedian Freddie Starr in light of the recent allegations that the former entertainer and philanthropist sexually abused under-aged girls.

Starr’s statement came after he was accused of joining the late Saville and proven paedophile Gary Glitter in a three-way dressing room attack on a girl during the seventies, with Starr insisting that he had nothing to do with the attacka and that he has never abused a girl in his life. Starr also claimed that he and Savile had never been friends and had only met him on a few occasions. Speaking to The Mirror he insisted: “We moved in different circles, and I never, ever joined them in a BBC dressing room.”

Yesterday, the father of six said that the ordeal he is being dragged into is putting his already deteriorating health at risk, with the comic having undergone a triple bypass in 2010 after suffering a heart attack. Now Starr wants to be distanced as far away from the allegations as possible should his health be risked any further.

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Janet Street Porter Knew Of Sir Jimmy Savile’s Sex Scandal?

Jimmy Savile Janet Street Porter

The British press has been rocked by specualtion that legendary entertainer and television presenter Sir Jimmy Savile engaged in sexual acts with a number of under aged girls. Now, broadcaster Janet Street Porter, has added credence to the allegations, recalling hearing rumours of this whilst she was working for the BBC in the 1970's and 80's.

Speaking on Question Time last night, Porter said that she and " a lot of people in the BBC knew what was going on," adding that she "heard the rumours but I was working in an environment that was totally male."

Janet, who has worked in a number of broadcasting roles since 1975, said that she had long been aware of the quiet things that went on inside dressing rooms across the TV industry and did not solely refer to the late Savile when she mentioned these goings on.

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Sir Jimmy Savile Statue Removed As Police Begin Child Abuse Investigation

Jimmy Savile

A statue of Sir Jimmy Savile has been removed from its position at a leisure centre in Glasgow as police begin an investigation into allegations of child abuse. A wooden carving of the Yorkshire-born DJ and presenter has stood on the site since the mid 1990s, in honour of Savile’s charity work, though it disappeared earlier this week.

A spokesman for Glasgow Life told The Scotman, “Given the current controversy and the seriousness of the allegations, we thought it appropriate to move the statue at this time.” A Jimmy Savile documentary set to air on ITV tonight (October 3, 2012) claims the presenter sexually abused a string of teenage girls at the height of his fame. The BBC – who Savile worked closely with throughout this career – initially reacted angrily to its rival channel’s allegations, though has since issued a statement that read, “A number of serious and disturbing allegations have been made over the past few days about the sexual abuse of teenage girls by Jimmy Savile…Some of these allegations relate to activity on BBC premises in the 1960s and 70s. We are horrified by allegations that anything of this sort could have happened at the BBC - or have been carried out by anyone working for the BBC.”

Reports today also suggest that plans to convert Sir Jimmy’s cottage into a respite centre for the disabled could be abandoned. A trustee who was overseeing the £40 million Highland project told The Telegraph that the job was now “in limbo,” adding, “These allegations will do a great deal of harm to the work that the charitable trusts are planning.”

Louis Theroux Unsurprised By Jimmy Savile Child Abuse Allegations

Jimmy Savile Louis Theroux

Rumours of Jimmy Savile’s alleged child abuse have been floating around for years, and throughout much of his life. Louis Theroux touched upon this issue in the 2000 BBC documentary “When Louis Met Jimmy” and yet it remained unresolved. Now, almost a year after his death, there seems to be answer to the question, and yet, perhaps, no true resolution or retribution for the victims.

The Jimmy Savile documentary that will be broadcast this Wednesday on ITV1 (03/10/2012) purports to expose the “truth” of Savile's offences. The show includes the confessions of four of Savile's victims, all of whom were allegedly pursued and abused by Savile as teenagers, so reports the Daily Mail having been given an exclusive preview of the documentary.

Theroux, responded to the news of the imminent documentary on his Facebook page, saying: “I can’t say that I’m completely blindsided by these revelations. Still, it’s shocking and upsetting to have one’s worst fears confirmed.” In the original documentary in 2000, Jimmy came across partly as a bit of an egomaniac, but more than anything a little bizarre particularly in his Miss Havisham style preservation of the bedroom of the late “Duchess”, his mother.

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Sir Jimmy Savile's Family Outraged At Sexual Abuse Allegations

Jimmy Savile

SirJimmy Savile's's family have been left disgusted by recent accusations that the late DJ and club promoter indulged in sexually abusing underage girls. A documentary to be aired on UK network ITV later this week alleges that the hitherto well-loved personality abused girls going as far back as the 1970s, the acts taking place either in his famous Rolls Royce, or at BBC TV Centre.

However, speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Savile's nephew Roger Foster has lept to the defence of his uncle, who died last year aged 84. ''I just get so disgusted and disappointed by it. The guy hasn't been dead for a year yet and they're bringing these stories out" lambasted Foster, who also claimed that such muck spreading could affect charities set up or contributed to by the late DJ.''It could affect his legacy, his charity work, everything" Foster continued, adding ''I'm very sad and disgusted. I just don't understand the motives behind this. 'I just think it's very, very sad you can say these things after someone's died and the law says you can't defend yourself when you're dead.''

For their part, the BBC have released a statement that they've no wrongdoing on Savile's part during the time he was employed by them. "The BBC has conducted extensive searches of its files to establish whether there is any record of misconduct or allegations of misconduct by Sir Jimmy Savile during his time at the BBC. No such evidence has been found" the statement read.

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