A Metropolitan Police report detailing the findings of the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse made against Jimmy Savile’s has been released to the press. The report, named the ‘Giving Victims a Voice’ report, was compiled by police working on Operation Yewtree – an investigation into allegations made not only against Savile, but others, too. The results of the report reveal the widespread and disturbing nature of Savile’s crimes.

Commander Peter Spindler is the head of the inquiry and commented that Savile had “groomed a nation.” The allegations contained in the report date back as early as 1955 and Spindler added that Savile “spent every minute of every waking day thinking about it whenever an opportunity came along he has taken it. He is programmed to think and act in that way. He only picked the most vulnerable, the ones least likely to speak out against him.” The report, he said, “paints a stark picture emphasising the tragic consequences of when vulnerability and power collide.”

450 allegations of sexual abuse were made against Jimmy Savile, over a period of 54 years, the Telegraph reports. 18 girls and 10 boys under the age of 10 were abused by him, as well as 23 girls and 15 boys aged 10 to 13 at the time of the abuse occurring. The report was co-written by Peter Watt of the NSPCC, who said the findings “simply beggared belief.”