The ITV documentary that sparked the Jimmy Savile sex scandal has won two prizes at the Royal Television Society TV journalism awards. The Guardian reports that Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile won ‘scoop of the year’ and ‘best current affairs programme’ and ITN also won an award for its news coverage of the Savile scandal, as it unfolded. Channel 4 also walked away with a record number of six awards.

Exposure beat a Panorama investigation to both of its awards. The BBC Panorama programme investigated people with severe brain injuries and their ability to communicate. The Exposure documentary, about the allegations made against Jimmy Savile and his alleged sexual abuse of a number of children, is understood to be the reason that many of Savile’s former victims eventually spoke out and approached the police with their stories of his past crimes. Police have since received a staggering number of calls in relation to Savile’s crimes and he is understood to have abused hundreds of victims during his time working as a BBC presenter.

After an investigation, the Pollard report was published last year, criticising senior BBC executives for shelving a Newsnight investigation into the allegations and instead choosing to air a tribute to the disgraced presenter. On Friday, the transcripts of the internal inquiry into the Newsnight investigation will be published, according to the Guardian report. 

Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile, the disgraced TV presenter