J.J Abrams was breaking all the rules as he defied Paramount Pictures to bring Conan a special preview clip of the new Star Trek film that he has been assembling. E! Online reports that Abrams is currently hard at work on a sequel to the hit 2009 feature length edition of the franchise Star Trek Into Darkness and Trekkies the world over have been desperate to get a preview clip of the new film. Well they got that - sort of.

Abrams decision to bring in a preview despite the reservations of the studio wasn't exactly a big two finger up at Paramount. We got a preview alright - a three frame long preview. "Paramount was really unhappy with me at the idea of bringing anything. I told them I really wanted to do it, and they said, 'It's gotta be really short," Abrams told Conan O'Brien. "I said, 'OK, I can bring one,' and they said, 'It can't be longer than three frames.' It's three frames but it's all there."

The frame apparently showed a young Spock, being played by Zachary Quinto, standing in a volcano with flames all around him. That was it. Better than nothing we suppose, and the pair had a good laugh about it, with O'Brien standing up to give the clip a standing ovation. Hopefully the next preview will be a touch more informative.