After months of speculation following Disney's acquisition of Lucas Arts and the announcement of three more Star Wars films, the director for Episode VII has been announced, and it's sci fi giant J.J Abrams.

The man who created or co-created television shows like Lost, Fringe and Alias, and who directed Mission: Impossible III, Star Trek and Super 8 is set to helm arguably the biggest film franchise of all time, The Wrap reports. And he'll probably be one of the more popular choices amongst supergeek fans and mainstream cinema goers alike. Also in the running was Argo's Ben Affleck, but Abrams sci fi credentials seem to have edged him in front after he'd initially 'turned down' the job back in July. It'll be a strange transition for the director, who, of course, has been credited with reinventing the Star Trek franchise, and is currently working on a sequel. Will he be able to do the same with Star Wars? The series is certainly in need of a boost considering the last three films have been somewhat of a disappointment. 

Now that the director is settled, rumours and gossip can turn towards more important matters, like what the actual story will be about, and who will play Luke, Han and Princess Lea.