The stars and crew of Star Trek: Into The Darkness have been talking up the forthcoming film in a series of videos that you can watch on Contactmusic right here. Director Jj Abrams, and actors Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, John Cho and Alice Eve have all been talking about the film, which is being hugely anticipated ahead of its eventual release on May 17th.

"I am more excited that I can tell you": JJ Abrams Talks Star Into The Darkness

Abrams talked up the 3D and visuals of the movie, "the action of the movie and the scale of the movie is light years beyond what we did in the first movie," he commented. Zoe Saldana meanwhile - who plays Nyoto - said that "this is what 3D was made for". As you already know the film stars Bernard Cumberbatch as John Harrison with rumors also going around that he is Khan. Also starring Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, John Cho as Hikaru Sulu and Zachary Quinto as Spock. It's true that the clips released so far have been stunning, but will the film's narrative hold up to them? 

Chris Pine discusses how his character Kirk learns to lead by being humble

Pine seemed to tie in the whole idea of 3D and the movie into one idea, arguing that the cohesion of the whole thing will be what makes it great. "JJ specifically designed it for 3D and iMacs," he comments. Quinto meanwhile talks about the plot line a little, describing the respective plots of the crew as "a little bit of divide and conquer," and explaining that Spock and Sulu have a volcano to deal with, while Kirk and Bones are on another part of the mission. 

Watch Zachary Quinto discuss Star Trek Into The Darkness plot line

John Cho spoke of the characters evolving and that they have a closer bond in this new film, something he said was indicative of how the cast had bonded themselves. "It feels like they're more assured with one another which reflects how we were as actors', he explains. 'Maybe it was an illusion but we felt closer and the characters felt a little closer." The threat of John Harrison, too, he says gives the film a weightier, darker feel to its content, though he stopped short of saying whether Harrison was also Khan. 

John Cho keeps schtum on Bernard Cumberbatch's character

Alice Eve, who plays Dr. Carol Marcus, expanded on how much of a honor it was for her to be involved in the film. "It's a great thing to be part of," she said on the red carpet at CinemaCon 2013 in Las Vegas. "Not only is the franchise established and respected, I was a fan, my grandfather was a fan, so that's a big thing for me." 

Alice Eve proud to be in Star Trek Into The Darkness

So all the actors are making the right noises, and, unusually for this project so far, there are some serious specifics being talked about regards the script and story for the film in the above videos. And you barely even need to listen to their words to know that the visuals are going to be fantastic. We're still left with a lingering worry as to whether J.J Abrams can pull it all together as one brilliantly whole piece of work. That said, he's not a man who often lets us down.