Jj Abrams - the writer and producer behind the forthcoming Star Trek movie - has discussed the secrecy behind his various projects and explained while he refuses to offer fans bonus footage before release dates. The creator of Lost is known for keeping the details of his projects under wraps, though insists it's for the viewer's overall benefit.

"I will sit in a meeting before a movie with 80-some people, heads of departments, and literally say that all I ask is that we preserve the experience for the viewer," Abrams told Entertainment Weekly, "Every choice we make, every costume fitting, every pad of makeup, every set that's built - all that stuff becomes less magical if it's discussed and revealed and pictures are posted online. I just want to make sure that when somebody sees something in a movie they didn't watch a 60-minute behind-the-scene [video] that came out two months before." The hype for Star Trek Into Darkness is beginning to reach fever pitch, with both Abrams and several of his cast-members getting hacked-off with the clamour to discover who Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing. Fans and reporters have suggested the British star will portray legendary villain Khan, though pretty much everyone involved with the project has denied this. Abrams hinted at the speculation, saying, "It's only fun to keep things quiet when it finally comes out as scheduled, because then you feel like, 'Oh I didn't just spend six months ruining the movie for people.It's not fun during the experience of withholding. Because then you sound like a coy bastard . and you're sort of being a jerk."

Star Trek Into Darkness - also starring Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine - hits cinemas in the U.S. and UK on May 17, 2012.