Review of Always & Forever Single by JJ72

Always & Forever Single Review

Always & Forever

Lakota Records


Always and Forever comes as a follow up single to the extravagant and rather flamboyant Formulae. Always & Forever, makes for a nice change Mark Greaneys vocals seem to be toned down somewhat and the whole song is a lot more mellow than anything else JJ72 have released to date. It sounds like a track Gregg Alexander from the New Radicals would have written had they stayed together. I To Sky the album which Always & Forever is featured on was a promise of a more stripped down, dark sound, I would say the band have gone more cold than dark. When Mark was asked what Always & Forever was about he commented “it’s partly about a person, partly about the idea of having a home and how comforting that is, and partly about the idea of there being a heaven.

The Irish trio have recently toured Europe with Suede, they then embarked on their own headline tour of Europedue to the great success of the album. The band plan to play all the major festivals this summer.

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