We should all know by now that Jk Rowling thinks of everything when it comes to the Harry Potter universe and beyond.

So when fans had some questions regarding ‘plot holes’ in the recent Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, of course the author was ready with all the answers.

Eddie Redmayne in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find ThemEddie Redmayne in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Earlier this week Rowling launched her new personal website and along with giving fans an update on what she’s been up and her plans for next year, the author also took the time to answer some questions fans had regard plot details in Fantastic Beasts.

First up Rowling explained why Newt Scamander couldn’t just apparate (travel by magic) to the USA, instead of going by boat. Rowling explained that apparition becomes increasingly risky over long distances and could have resulted in severe injury or even death for Newt.

Apparation was also too risky for Newt because of the beasts he was carrying in his case which had ‘varying magical natures’. “Some could have Apparated with him, but others could not,” Rowling added.

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Fans had then wondered why Newt had gone through Muggle or No-Maj customs when he arrived in the States. “He was transporting magical creatures at a time when this was illegal,” Rowling wrote. “No-Majs were far easier to fool than the wizarding checkpoint would have been.”

As to why Newt couldn't just use magic spell ‘Accio’ to retrieve all his beasts, Rowling explained: “‘Accio’ only works on inanimate objects. While people or creatures may be indirectly moved by ‘Accio-ing’ objects that they are wearing or holding, this carries all kinds of risks because of the likelihood of injury to the person or beast attached to an object travelling at close to the speed of light.”

Some fans were also dumbfounded over why truth potion Veritaserum wasn’t used in interrogations, as many assumed it would be an easy way to catch out a lie. But as Rowling explained, Veritaserum doesn’t always work on skilled wizards, who can avoid its effects by using antidotes and charms.

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Lastly Rowling cleared up any confusion about the end of the movie, where Newt uses a spell called "revelio" to reveal that Percival Graves really was Grindelwald in disguise. Fans had wondered how the spell was able to undo the effects of Polyjuice Potion.

But according to Rowling, it didn’t, because Grindelwald was using a spell instead of Polyjuice Potion to take on the appearance of Graves. But the fan questions didn’t end there, and Rowling later took to Twitter to answer one more nagging question from Fantastic Beasts.

Responding to a fan who asked how Queenie was born a skilled Legilimens, when in Harry Potter we had learned from Snape that the talent was a learned ability, rather than something you could be born with, the author said “Snape had to train a slight natural ability. Queenie was born with a great talent, though she's not infallible.” Now when will people learn that there are no such thing as ‘plot holes’ when it comes to JK Rowling's work?