Harry Potter author Jk Rowling told a Scottish nationalist to "get your facts straight" after they said they were "heartbroken" over the writer calling those who wanted independence "death eaters."

JK RowlingJK Rowling was the biggest financier backer of the "no" campaign

The Twitter user - going by the handle Oor Politics - said they were over the results of the referendum on independence but were unable to forgiven JK Rowling's literary reference. In the Harry Potter books, death eaters are "pure blood" supremicists who look down on "half bloods" and "muggles" - or humans. They are generally regarded as second class citizens.

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Reacting to the tweet, Rowling said: "I said that when people started discriminating against anyone's right to a view on the purity of their blood, things became 'a little Death-Eatery for my tastes'. Were you discriminating on grounds of racial purity? Was my blood not Scottish enough?"

Rowling recalled how she was called a "traitor", "whore" and "bitch" and was told to" go back where I came from, lambasted for taking Scottish benefits," while campaigning against Scottish independence. 

The dispute eventually came to an end when Rowling tweeted: "Let's agree that the press misquoting me is not my fault and people calling me a whore is not yours. Have a nice day :)"

Last summer, Rowling became the largest financial backer of the "no" campaign after donating £1 million. The next biggest cash gift was £600,000 from the hotel and distillery tycoon Donald Houston, owner of the Ardnamurchan Estate.

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