JLS enjoy manly dates with One Direction.

The 'Hottest Girl in the World' singers are close friends with their group - who also found fame after taking part in 'The X Factor' - and have been spending time with the younger band in the wake of their latest single 'Little Things'.

Marvin Humes said: ''I watched the video and I think that song is perfect for them. I played golf with Niall [Horan] last week. I got and pick him up from his house because we live close to each other.''

Ortise Williams added: ''I think it's great! I spoke to Liam [Payne] two days ago, and he's really excited. I was chilling out round his house the other day, playing computer games and eating fish and chips!''

Marvin is making the most of his time with the boys since new wife Rochelle has just returned from filming her reality TV show with The Saturdays in Los Angeles.

He gushed: ''Married life is just amazing! Obviously it's been a little bit weird because Rochelle's been away a lot. We got married, had a week off and then she had to go to America for five weeks! But I Skyped her every day - sometimes three or four times actually!''