Jo Wood has been growing her own vegetables during the coronavirus lockdown.

The 65-year-old former model - who was previously married to Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood - made the move to the country from London and she has spent her time in isolation becoming a green-fingered gardener.

Speaking in the Sebastian Shakespeare column in the Daily Mail newspaper, she revealed: ''I've started my greenhouse here and I have got lettuce, peas and tomatoes growing. I just want to keep this up, it's really fun.''

Jo - who lives at a farmhouse in Northamptonshire - has also been handling all domestic duties but although her cleaning techniques have improved she is missing having her professional cleaner come every week.

She added: ''I've become good at cleaning, but I miss my cleaner so much. I can't wait not to have to clean toilets and baths.''

Jo has been personally affected by the COVID-19 crisis as her brother, artist Paul Karslake, died from the respiratory illness in March.

The TV star admits his passing hasn't really sunk in yet and it feels as though she has just been estranged from Paul due to the lockdown.

She said: ''It was just so sad, I really miss him so much. I can't believe he's gone really. It feels like he's not dead and I just haven't seen him.''

In a social media post about her sibling's death Jo claimed that COVID-19 originated from a laboratory - a popular conspiracy theory.

Back in March, she wrote on Twitter: ''So it was COVID that took my brothers life.

''A deadly virus that escaped from a lab and it's affected the whole world .. this can't happen again it's messed up !!! #banthisshit #timeforchange (sic)''