Jo Wood allegedly let her children experiment with drugs.

Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood's ex-wife claims the couple's children - Leah and Tyrone, as well as her two sons from previous relationships, Jamie and Jesse - were constantly surrounded by illegal substances when they were growing up and she was very open with them about her own relationship with drugs and what they did.

According to The Sun newspaper, she candidly wrote in her tell-all autobiography 'Hey Jo: A Rock And Roll Fairytale': ''Drugs were all around them. It was part of our lives. I think I've done the right thing by being open and honest and a mother lioness, showing them what life's about.''

The rock 'n' roll couple - who divorced in 2009 - have been open about using drugs during their 26-year marriage and Jo, 57, recently confessed their ''out of control'' drug and booze-fuelled lifestyle meant she often didn't devote enough time to her kids. She explained: ''They weren't abandoned, they were there in the house. I used to do it when they went to sleep. They didn't see me do it ... I know I had young children. If it was me now I wouldn't have done it. But it was rock 'n' roll.''

Jo is glad she ditched her hedonistic lifestyle - three years before Ronnie did - and credits her desire to be a ''great mum'' with helping her get sober.