Dame Joan Collins refuses to watch the news because she finds it ''too depressing''.

The 86-year-old actress has revealed she's been trying to survive lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic by staying healthy and playing board games - but Joan has admitted she can't bring herself to watch the TV news at the moment because it's so bleak.

The London-born star - who is married to Percy Gibson - shared: ''Hand in hand with physical health comes mental well-being. I'll usually have the TV on but not the news. It's too depressing.

''Percy and I have a rule that we'll watch in the morning and catch up at 6pm. We might watch a movie, but it would be too easy to sit in front of the TV, so after work, Percy and I try to play a board game instead - usually Scrabble or gin rummy.''

Despite being on lockdown, Joan acknowledged that she's in a better, more privileged position than a lot of other people.

Writing in the new edition of Hello! magazine, she said: ''I'm dealing with the situation, but for many people, particularly those in small flats with children or in abusive relationships, it must be utterly terrifying.

''I'm really fortunate to have a good solid relationship and great friends and family.''

Joan also revealed she'll put on some make-up and change her hairstyle whenever she's feeling a bit glum amid the current lockdown.

The veteran actress explained: ''When I get depressed - which is hardly ever - I will check myself in the mirror, try to do something with my hair and put on some make-up, but it's important to keep your skin moisturised and I always wear lipstick, the queen of cosmetics, because it cheers up your face and moisturises your lips.''