For the first time ever, Joan Collins opens up on camera about her horrific ordeal of being raped by her future husband Maxwell Reed when she only a teenager in a documentary called 'Brave New World.'

Joan Collins
Collins opens up about being raped in a new documentary

The New York Daily News reports, the 81 year-old actress, who wrote about the incident in her autobiography, spoke candidly about it in the upcoming documentary a, revealing she "was raped when I was 17 years old."

Collins goes on to recall how she was drugged and raped by Reed while she was still a virgin. During this time, the 'Dynasty' star was an up and coming actress signed to Rank film studios in England.

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Collins also describes going on a date with the older Irish actor where he gave her porn magazines to read and forced to her drink rum and coke.

"The next thing I knew, I was out flat on the sofa in that living room and he was raping me," she says in the film. "And what he had given me was a drug. He had drugged my drink. It wasn't my fault but I didn't know, I went out with him."

Despite this, Collins admits she has naive and still carried on dating Reed for a long period of time, and eventually tied the knot with him after he proposed. "Well I better [marry him] because you know, he took my virginity," she adds. "I really hated him, but I was so filled with guilt, that he had done this thing to me."

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Reed and Collins were married for four years until he died in 1974.