Veteran actress Dame Joan Plowright has retired from acting after losing her sight.

The Tea with Mussolini star, widow of acting legend Laurence Olivier, has decided to end her career after more than 60 years on stage and screen.

A spokesperson for her management tells Britain's Daily Telegraph, "It is true that she will not be acting any more."

The 84 year old has been suffering from MACular degeneration, a slow loss of vision, but is now believed to be almost completely blind.

In April (14) she was honoured during a rare public appearance at the St. Mary's House in Sussex, England and was interviewed in front of fans.

Theatre director Richard Digby Day, who spoke to her during the event, explained, "There was a great turnout and, while she was sharp of mind, it was clear that she could no longer see at all."

Plowright's first film appearance was in 1951's Sara Crewe and she went on to win two Golden Globe Awards and a Tony Award, as well as earning nominations for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for 1992's Enchanted April.