The eldest son of late acting legend LAWRENCE OLIVIER is planning to perform a speech attacking a new book about his father.

TARQUIN OLIVIER, 68, is furious over authorised biographer TERRY COLEMAN'S claims Lord Olivier had a homosexual affair in the 1930s with fellow film star HENRY AILEY, even though it was approved by his stepmother - Olivier's widow Joan Plowright.

Olivier Jr has written a monologue about his father and hired Chelsea Town Hall in London in January (06) to share his story with the public.

He says, "It's going to be a 50-minute speech. I've just finished it.

"Most of it will be quite fun, but when it comes to the last part, it'll be a case of 'hold on to your belts'. I want to address the issue of his new authorised biography.

"If the author comes he'll need a drink."