Joan Rivers’ daughter is reportedly going to sue the medical centre in which the star suffered the cardiac arrest that led to her death. Melissa Rivers is convinced that this is the only way that she’ll discover what really happened to her mother. 

Joan Rivers Melissa Rivers
Joan Rivers died from a botched medical procedure last month, and her daughter is to sue the clinic.

Sources close to the Rivers family told TMZ that Melissa now feels that she has ‘no choice’ but to file a lawsuit against the Yorkville Endoscopy LLC. Such a lawsuit would force the doctors and staff involved to make sworn depositions and discuss what happened leading up to Rivers’ cardiac arrest.

The sources also indicate that Melissa has become frustrated at the lack of answers to her investigations thus far, and that her only recourse is through the courts. She feels that her questions have been “shut down” ever since the New York Department of Health and Human Services declared the Yorkville to be “deficient”.

At present, it is believed that Rivers’ personal throat doctor – who, crucially, was unlicensed to practice at Yorkville at the time – performed an endoscopy on Rivers’ throat, which caused the oxygen flow to her lungs to be cut off and thus triggering the medical emergency. After a number of days in a medically induced coma, she eventually died on September 4th.

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In other reports that have emerged on Thursday, Melissa has apparently inherited over $100 million of Rivers’ estate. A source told Us Weekly that in addition to $75 million of cash, she has also received Rivers’ $35 million apartment in New York’s Upper East Side. None of this has yet been confirmed, however, and it’s unlikely to be of much comfort to Melissa as she continues to search for answers.

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