Joanna Lumley let us in on some frankly (absolutely) fabulous news today (Jan 25) when she revealed that the hit show Absolutely Fabulous is being made into a movie, and a musical one at that! Someone pass the champers!

Lumley, who plays the botox, cigarette, drink and drug addict Patsy Stone on the hit BBC comedy, told The Telegraph today that her co-star and the show's co-star/creator/writer Jennifer Saunders is currently hard at work on the script for the new film and it will be out in time for the Oscars in 2014 (and we're sure the film will be the one to beat when it comes to the awards).

Whilst the rumour that the hotly anticipated film adaption will be a musical remains just that, Lumley confirmed that she will be taking part in the production no matter what the outcome is. She said, "Although yesterday the press were saying it's a musical now! But whatever it is, I'll be there." Adding, "Nobody's going to play Patsy when I'm alive! I do mean that, I do mean that darling, because it could get savage, I'm still quite strong."

The series ended in 2005 but returned after six years for just three one-off specials, one at Christmas in 2011, one for new year and one in July 2012 - to mark the show's 20th anniversary and celebrate the London Olympics.