Joanna Lumley wants to be reincarnated as a giraffe.

The 67-year-old actress - best known for her roles in 'Absolutely Fabulous' and 'The Wolf of Wall Street' - has expressed her desire to return to the planet as a long-necked mammal because they are ''sweet and gentle''.

She said: ''You train them with a bun and in two days they'll be yours and follow you - sweet, gentle creatures who don't fear anyone.''

The screen star also admits she thinks about death constantly now she is in her seventh decade.

Joanna told Radio Times magazine: ''I believe each day is a life - you're born at dawn and die when the lights go out. You have to make sure your day is as fully used as it can be, because you probably won't come back in this kit again.''

Despite being famous for nearly five decades, Joanna insists on using public transport and doesn't mind being recognised in public by fans of her popular 'Absolutely Fabulous' character Patsy.

She explained: ''Of course when you're on television you're recognised, but I never expect it, so you alter your mind-set and think, 'How lovely.' If you can't cope you'll have a miserable life.''