Downton Abbey is used to being one of the most talked about shows on TV but last week's episode ruffled a few more feathers than usual and saw the show and its writers slammed for what many deemed to be an inappropriate storyline.

Downton Abbey
The Fourth Episode Confronted The Shocking Scenes Of The Previous.

The scene is question saw Joanne Froggatt's Anna Bates raped by Lord Gillingham's odious valet, Mr. Green. Ahead of the fourth episode of the new season we were all wondering how the show would deal with the repercussions of its bold move. Froggatt's performance is consistently praised on the show and this episode saw no exception as her character was faced with the terrifying prospect that Lord Gillingham, and therefore her rapist, may return.

Downton Abbey Daisy Mason
The Kitchen Love Knots Wind Tighter.

Nobody except Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan) knew of the attack, therefore Anna's seating next to Green (Nigel Harman) at the table was particularly excruciating. Naively, Mrs. Hughes advised Anna to take a break from her suffering. "There can be no break from it," poor Anna replied in an episode that saw her distance herself from her husband by suggesting that she move back to Downton.

Ep. 4 saw the arrival of the highly publicised first black character on Downton Abbey; a jazz singer named Jack Ross, played by Gary Carr. The jazz club scene was rather underwhelming, with no hint of the 'roaring' twenties that history promises and some unguarded racism on the part of Ros, Mary and Branson who were forced to intervene when Ross began to dance with Rose.

Though things seemed to be hotting up between Gillingham and Mary, when the Lord boldly asked her to marry him Mary answered with "Tony, you don't know me," hinting at the still painful wounds of her not long dead husband, Matthew. "I'm sure he was a splendid chap, but he's dead, and I'm alive," Gillingham bluntly replies. The pair kissed and departed.

Downton Abbey Season 4
Mary Pines For Her Deceased Husband.

Other romantic pursuits that also fizzled out during Ep.4 were Tom Branson's (Allen Leech) and Edna's (MyAnna Burning) as the pair were left reeling after an unconvincing night spent together. "There is nothing but regret in me," said Branson who described his actions as "a mistake."

Mrs Hughes continued her oh-so-subtle pursuit of Carson, by presenting him with a framed photograph of his lost love, Alice, and Sir John and Rose's dancefloor dalliance was interrupted by the drunken John running to vomit. Jimmy and Ivy danced in the kitchen but Daisy was warned away from Alfred by Mrs Patmore who said Daisy shouldn't "spend too long on a one-sided love."

As the romance is slowly being sucked out of or warned away from Downton, we're still left with the hangover from Green's disturbing animal actions and wondering how long it will be until something really snaps in Anna.

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'Downton Abbey' Takes A Darker Turn This Season.